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Stern MPU-200 Board ROM Chip Jumper Settings
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This article provides jumper settings required in order to run 9316A PROM chips, 2716 (2516) EPROM chips, and 2732 EPROM chips on your Stern MPU-200 board.

Most Stern MPU-200 boards came with 2716 EPROM chips installed from the factory, in chip locations U1, U2, U5, and U6. Some may use 9316A masked ROM chips. These can be combined into a 2732 "combo" EPROM and used as one chip in U2, and one chip in U6.

We have and can make "combo" ROM chips for most games, if you need them. E-mail us for more info, or see our Rom Chips Page.

The following jumper settings must be made in order to use the specified chips on the board in locations U1 through U6. The jumper changes aren't too complicated, as long as you are careful, patient, and comfortable working with soldering tools and circuit boards in general. If you are not, then trust the work to someone who is competent- you may thank yourself later.

9316A masked PROMs in U1, U2, U5 and U6:

The following is a comprehensive list of settings for all 38 jumpers on the board, when using 9316A PROM chips:

("nc" = not connected)

0 nc, 1-5, 2-6, 3 nc, 4 nc, 5-1, 6-2, 7 nc, 8-9, 9-8, 10 nc, 11 nc, 12-13, 13-12, 14 nc, 15 nc, 16-18, 17 nc, 18-16, 19-20, 20-19, 21 nc, 22-25, 23 nc, 24 nc, 25-22, 26-28, 27 nc, 28-26, 29-31, 30 nc, 31-29, 32-33, 33-32, 34-35, 35-34, 36 nc, 37 nc, 38 nc

2716 EPROMs in U1, U2, U5 and U6:

The following is a comprehensive list of settings for all 38 jumpers on the board, when using 2716 EPROM chips:

("nc" = not connected)

0 nc, 1 nc, 2-3, 3-2, 4 nc, 5-7, 6 nc, 7-5, 8 nc, 9-10, 10-9, 11 nc, 12 nc, 13-14, 14-13, 15 nc, 16-18, 17 nc, 18-16, 19-21, 20 nc, 21-19, 22 nc, 23-25, 24 nc, 25-23, 26 nc, 27-28, 28-27, 29-30, 30-29, 31 nc, 32-33, 33-32, 34-35, 35-34, 36 nc, 37 nc, 38 nc

2732 EPROMs in U2 and U6:

Make the following connections:
  1. Remove all jumpers except: E16-E18, E32-E33, E34-E35.
  2. For U2 install E1-E2, and E4-E5.
  3. For U6 install E13-E15, and E24-E25.
For running Stern Games connect E32-E33 and E34-E35 for high clock speed.

For running Bally Games, or earlier MPU-100 Stern games, cut the above two jumpers for low clock speed.

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