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Game ROM Information- Monster Bash L1.06
  • Version 1.06: This beta ROM is a version of software released from Williams for testing purposes. It is "free play only". It will not take money to do pay-for-play.
  • Version 1.06B: This is the same as 1.09, but allows for "coin play" (not free-play only).
Changes since version 1.0:
  • Addition: An audit for starting the Frankenstein "last chance" feature has now been added.
  • Addition: A high score for mosh pit multiball has now been added.
  • Addition: Some new sounds and speech have been added.
  • Addition: Some artwork has been added to the Monster Bash and Monsters of Rock display awards.
  • Bug fix: When the random award would give out a silver bullet, the full moon fever grace period would not allow the random award to complete. This has now been fixed.
  • Bug fix: Some messages were not being displayed correctly in the custom message- this has now been fixed.
  • Bug fix: A typo in the spelling of the adjustment for auto-flip disable has been corrected.
  • Bug fix: Multiball total display effects. Occasionally a multiball total display effect might run more than once for the same multiball. This has now been fixed.
  • Bug fix: Some problems with some of the presets for the "install" features have been fixed. "Install medium" and default settings are now the same, as originally intended.
  • Bug fix: Last chance feature with Frankenstein running with flaming torch was not blinking the lamp for the launch button. This has now been fixed.
  • Bug fix: During the Lyman's Lament cheat, if the player earns the feature again, the player will now be credited with the points for the award.
  • Bug fix: The way the mosh pit multiball total was being displayed has now been fixed.
  • Change: The long period of silence between game end and high score/match being displayed has been shortened.
  • Change: The Tomb Treasure target will now award 2 bumper hits toward lighting the Mummy Mayhem mode (when multiball is not active).
  • Change: Frankenstein table and up/down bank motors will now not be activated if a switch is shorted out. Test report will now detect and report if a row is shorted, so the switch compensation mode will take over.
  • Change: Auto-flip can now be moved by lane-change if only 1 lane works. (In this case, the light will toggle with the flipper).
  • Change: Lock post on the right ramp has been enhanced to stay up longer at the start of Frankenstein mutliball mode, and for Frankenstein "last chance", to compensate for a Frankenstein table motor that might be running slower than normal.
  • Change: The French preset to include maximum stacked extra balls has now been changed to "1" (adjustment A.1 03).

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