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Level 7 MPU Board Jumper Settings
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Williams Level 7 MPU boards were used in games from 1980 (Black Knight) through 1984 (early Star Light). All L7 boards used the same jumper settings for the ROM chips, and same size ROM chips EXCEPT Hyperball, and Defender pinball.

If you are swapping a board from Hyperball or Defender into any of the other Level 7 games, (or vice-versa), you will need to change ROM chip jumpers accordingly (and the ROMs, too, of course).

The map and chart below give locations and settings of the individual jumpers for the particular game you are running. If you need ROM chips for your game, be sure to check our ROM Chips Page. We have all Level 7 ROM chips in stock.
Williams Level 7 Jumper Map

The following chart indicates the setting for each individual jumper on the board, according to the game it's in.
  • Settings below have been used and tested and will work.
  • A setting of TRUE indicates jumper is set (present).
  • As setting of FALSE indicates jumper is not set (removed).
  • Jumper settings left blank ("-") are unknown, or irrelevant.
  • If you have any info to add to this chart, or any corrections, please e-mail us.
Jumper ROM Chip Description Hyperball/Defender (2532's)
2532 in IC14,17,20. No IC26
Firepower II, BK, Pharaoh, etc.
2716 in IC14,20,26. 2532 in IC17
1 N/A  
6IC14Connects CS2 (pin 18) to GNDFALSETRUE
7 IC7 inverter bypass from PIA 1 (IC18)  
8 IC7 inverter bypass from PIA 1 (IC18)  
14IC26Gated w/All. $5000-$5FFFTRUETRUE
16IC26Connects A9 (pin 22) to 5vdc.FALSEFALSE
17IC26Connects A9 (pin 22) to A9.TRUETRUE
18IC26Connects CS2 (pin 18) to 5vdc.FALSEFALSE
19IC26Connects CS2 (pin 18) to GND.TRUETRUE
20IC26Connects Vcc(2) (pin 21) to 5vdcTRUETRUE
21IC26Connects Vcc(2) (pin 21) to A9.FALSEFALSE
22IC17Connects A11 (pin 18) to A11.TRUETRUE
23IC17Connects A11 (pin 18) to GND.FALSEFALSE
24IC14Connects CS2 (pin 18) to A11.TRUEFALSE
25 Associated with IC36 sound PIA.  
26IC20Connects CS2 (pin 18) to GND.FALSETRUE
27IC20Connects CS2 (pin 18) to A11.TRUEFALSE
29 IRQ/ST8 connection from PIA 5 (IC36)  
30 IRQ/ST8 connection from PIA 5 (IC36)  

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