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Information on this page is subject to change without notice, and may not necessarily be current. If you have any questions, please e-mail us.

Game Packing & Shipping Info

The information on this page is for our own customers who are buying a game from our shop and need it packaged and shipped to them.

If you need to arrange to pick up a game from our shop, e-mail us.

We offer 2 options for having a game packaged and shipped to you. Click either option below for more info:

Option #1: I want Action Pinball to handle the shipping arrangements for me. (U.S. Customers Only)

Option #2: I want to make my own shipping arrangements. (U.S. and International Customers)

Shipping Option #1: I want Action Pinball to handle the shipping arrangements for me.

This option is for U.S. customers only. If you are an international customer (outside the U.S.), please select option # 2 above. We do not make any shipping arrangements for shipments going outside the U.S. due to liability, customs restrictions, and other varying issues. If you are outside the U.S. and need a game shipped to you, we can package the game for you, but you will need to make the arrangments for pickup and shipping on your own. Please choose option # 2 above, for more info.

If you are a customer located in the U.S., call or e-mail us with the name of the game you are interested in, and your U.S. shipping address. We will get a shipping quote for you from our shipper, usually within 1-2 business days.

Mandatory Requirements:
For shipments that we arrange and handle on our own, for our customers, the following items will be mandatory:
  • Shipments will go by Pilot Air Freight.
  • Games will be packaged using our Premier Packaging Service.
  • Shipments will have full insurance against damage, theft, and loss.
  • An additional handling fee will be included in the total shipping cost to cover necessary processing and handling to get the packaged game registered with, and turned over to, the shipper, and on it's way to you.
Call or e-mail us for more information.

Shipping Option #2: I want to make my own shipping arrangements.

This option is available to all of our customers- U.S. and International- and saves you money by allowing you to select the freight carrier of your choice, and eliminating us as the "middle man"- you deal directly with the freight company and manage the payment and transportation of your packaged game right to your door.

It's actually a very simple process, and we've provided all the info you may need below, so that you can contact a few carriers and get some shipping quotes.

This option contains the following sections:

A) Getting a Shipping Quote:

Check with a freight company to get some price quotes and details regarding pickup and shipping a game to you.

Click here for a list of some freight companies you can contact.

"How much should I expect to pay?

An average single pinball or video game shipment going within the U.S. will typically cost around $300 for freight costs alone (packaging/shipping materials, labor, and transport costs to the freight dock are extra). Freight cost can easily double if the shipment is going to an outlying/rural area, or being shipped internationally (overseas).

Costs may be higher or lower depending on what carrier you are dealing with, exactly where you are located (urban area, or outlying area, etc.), how far the shipment is going, and some shipping options such as insurance, expedited shipping, in-home delivery, etc. If you're getting shipping quotes that are significantly higher than the above amounts, then keep checking with other carriers for a better price.

In addition to freight costs, additional charges will apply for for packaging your game before it gets shipped. We can professionally package your game for you before it is picked up at our shop by the freight carrier you select. Packaging is mandatory if your game is being shipped- we will not let a game go out of our shop for shipping unless it is packaged. Packaging is the only protection your game will have against damage once it is in transit. A few options are available for game packaging, and are listed below along with packaging costs.

Common Freight Carriers / Shippers:

Click here for a list of some freight companies you can contact.

Use the information below to provide details to the freight carrier regarding packaged game size, weight, etc. They will need to know this information in order to give you a shipping quote.

Other Shipping Info You Will Need to Get a Shipping Quote:

Actual freight costs to ship a game can vary from carrier to carrier, and on a few variables:
  1. Size and weight of shipment.
  2. Destination (where, or how far, the shipment is going)
  3. Shipping Method (Ground, air, sea?)
  4. Delivery Method (Residential, commercial, curbside, dock?)
  5. Insurance (where/when available)
Each of these is explained below:

1) Size and Weight of Shipment:

Your freight carrier will need to know the size and weight of the packaged game. This can vary, depending on the game and packaging method. Most packaged pinball games that leave our shop will have the following sizes and weights, which you can use to get a general price quote, or price estimate:

Standard Game Packaging: Premier Game Packaging:
Weight: 300 lbs.
Dimensions (inches): 32 wide x 32 deep x 63 high
Weight: 400 lbs.
Dimensions (inches): 33 wide x 33 deep x 64 high

See our Game Packaging Services section below for details on our Standard and Premier packaging services.

NOTE: Games requiring shipping by air freight (expedited, or going overseas) must be packaged in a horizontal ("laying-down") position, which requires different packaging due to air cargo size restrictions, and will have different measurements than the above. Contact us if you need measurements for a game that is going to be shipped by air freight.

2) Destination:

The freight carrier will need to know where the shipment is going (destination). They will need your city, state, and zip/postal code.

They will also need to know where they are picking it up. They will need our city, state, and zip code, which is: Salt Lake City, Utah, 84117.

A liftgate/forklift is required when picking up at our shop.

3) Shipping Method:

The freight carrier will need to know what method you prefer for transporting the shipment to you.

Some carriers have several options available for shipping method, depending on the carrier, the area/destination, and other variables. Some of these may not be available through all carriers or in all areas. Be sure to ask about your preferred method with the carrier you are working with. Prices vary depending on which option you choose, or how fast you want it delivered.

  • Ground (truck): This is usually the most common, and least expensive method of transport, and ground shipments can typically take 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on destination and current delivery schedules. Your carrier can give you more details and estimates on cost and time.

  • Air (expedited/international): Air freight is the fastest method, but is also typically the most expensive.

  • Sea (international): This is the least expensive method for shipping overseas, but can be very slow.

4) Delivery Method:

The freight carrier will need to know what method you prefer for the actual delivery of your shipment.

Again, some of these may not be available through all carriers or in all areas, and price will depend on the available options.
  • "Hold For Pickup": This is usually the least-expensive method for delivery of your shipment. Shipment goes to the company's freight dock nearest your area, where you pick up in person. Most packaged games will fit in a pickup truck, minivan, or large SUV.

  • "Commercial- No Liftgate" (Commercial Customers) Shipment goes to your location and is dropped off at your elevated freight dock. This option is usually for businesses or buildings that have a standard elevated truck freight dock, or a forklift at their disposal.

  • Residential- With Liftgate: (Residential Customers) Shipment goes to your location and is dropped off "curbside", from a truck with a lift gate. This option is usually for most homes or locations in residential areas.

  • In-Home Delivery: Shipment is transported to your location, taken off truck, unpackaged, and brought inside your home or building. Many carriers offering this service will also take away the packing materials for you. This is the most expensive shipping option, and costs vary considerably based on game size/weight and other variables.
Please note that the process of Game Assembly & Setup is up to you, and most freight carriers are not able or allowed to do any work with your actual merchandise. We do include game setup instructions with all games we ship, and this process can often be done easily by 1 or 2 persons, and a few simple hand-tools. For full details on what is involved in setting up your game after you have received it, see our Game Setup & Assembly guides.

5) Insurance:

Shipping insurance is usually offered by most carriers (or some type of coverage, such as "Delcared Value", "Replacement Value", etc.) Insurance is optional, but strongly recommended to protect the value of your shipment during transit against damage or loss. Be sure to ask about cost, and what is or isn't covered under any particular carrier's insurance or other shipping damage/loss coverage.

B) Selecting a Packaging Method:

We can professionally prepare and package your game before it is turned over to your freight company for the actual shipping. Packaging is the most important part of shipping a game, and determines how safely your game will be while it is in transit with your freight company.

While we do our best to package each game for best safety during shipping, there are still factors during the actual shipping process that are beyond our control, and we cannot be responsible or liable for damage that might occur during the shipping process. For example, damage can still occur to any packaged item- regardless of how well it's packaged- if it is mishandled during shipping, dropped off a forklift or truck, tipped over, run into by a forklift or truck, crushed by other freight, damaged by moisture or water or heat, etc. This is why we recommend shipping insurance on top of the best packaging possible.

There is an additional charge for game packaging, which covers our time, labor, and cost of materials to prepare your game for shipment. Unless otherwise noted, costs listed below are charged in addition to the game purchase price.

Our Available Packaging Services:
  1. Standard Game Packaging Service: $200.00 with game purchase, $400.00 without (ie: we are packaging a game you already own)

    This option is only available if you are making the shipping arrangements on your own (ie: using your own shipper who will pick up from our shop). If we are handling the shipping arrangements for you, the Premier Game Packaging Service (option 2 below) is mandatory.

    This option is the bare minimum that we recommend for packaging when shipping a game. Depending on the overall value, condition, and collectibility of the game you are buying, you may want to consider our Premier Packaging Service (below) for additional protection.

    Standard Game Packaging Includes:
    • Full game breakdown & any other necessary disassembly.
    • Packaging of game parts/accessories and spare parts & supplies.
    • Stretch-wrapping of game to help protect against dust, dirt, and moisture.
    • Extra stretch-wrapping to help prevent "cardboard burn" to the game during transit.
    • Game sealed in factory shipping carton, including internal carton padding/packing.
    • Custom-made pallet built to size. Gets the game up off the floor avoiding damage by forklifts and hand-trucks.
    • 4-point band-strapping of packaged game to pallet for added security.
    • Game Setup & Assembly Guide.

    NOTE: On brand new games that are purchased as-is ("NIB", or sealed and unopened from factory), no packaging will normally be added inside the carton, as this would require opening/unsealing the box to access the game. Contact us if you are buying a game in this manner and have any questions or concerns.

    Our Standard Game Packaging is the minimum that we feel necessary to properly and safely package a game for shipping. When it comes to packaging, most other dealers will do far less- anything from no packaging at all, to maybe a couple of layers of old cardboard boxes wrapped around the game and left sitting on the bare ground. Simply put, anything less than our Standard service is just "cheap"- something that there is no room for when it comes to properly protecting your game for shipping. When spending a few thousand dollars on a good quality pinball or arcade game, the cost for our Standard packaging service should be the minimum you'd want to invest to help protect your game- it's just good common sense.

  2. Premier Game Packaging Service: $ Cost varies depending on current market price of materials- call or e-mail for current pricing.

    This option is mandatory if we are handling the shipping arrangements for you (ie: we are packaging the game, and making arrangements with the shipper).

    This option is recommended for best protection during shipping. It includes most of the features of our Standard Game Packaging service (above), but features the added protection of custom wood crating around the packaged game for superior protection.

    Premier Game Packaging Includes:
    • Custom-made reinforced wood crating around your packaged game for added protection.
    • Full game breakdown & any other necessary disassembly.
    • Packaging of game parts/accessories and spare parts & supplies.
    • Stretch-wrapping of game to help protect against dust, dirt, and moisture.
    • Band-strapping of packaged game to pallet inside crate for added security.
    • Additional packaging around game inside crate.
    • Custom-made pallet built to size. Gets the game up off the floor avoiding damage by forklifts and hand-trucks.
    • Game Setup & Assembly Guide.

    The addition of custom-built wood-crating around your packaged game adds yet another level of protection during transit. Note that the wood crating will add approximately 100 pounds to the overall shipment weight, which will mean a slight increase in the actual freight cost (see weights and dimensions listed above in the Getting a Shipping Quote section.)

    For larger or odd-sized games, or games that must be shipped horizontally (required for air transit), rates for our Premier service may be higher, due to additional materials and time required for the special-sized packaging and wood-crating.

    If you are interested in our Premier service, please contact us and we can provide an exact cost, which varies depending on the game's size and weight, and shipping destination.

C) Pickup Appointment & Phone Numbers:

Please allow us 3 business days to get your game prepared and packaged for pickup by your shipper. More time may be required depending on how busy we are (especially during the busy Christmas season), so contact us to verify preparation time before you make final arrangements with your freight carrier for pickup.


GIVE YOUR FREIGHT CARRIER OUR PHONE NUMBER (below) and HAVE THEM CALL US BY PHONE BEFORE COMING TO PICK UP YOUR GAME!!! This is most important and you may have to tell them two or three times and also verify that our phone number is on the bill of lading for pickup and/or with the truck driver so that they can call us by phone to arrange a pickup appointment.

We can almost guarantee you that any freight company will "forget" or overlook this important point, so be sure to tell them multiple times, and verify that they have given instructions to the driver to call us before arriving. If this is not done, they may charge you an additional fee if we are not in the shop when they arrive to pick up the game. This is not our fault if they fail to call us before arriving for pickup.

"Why does the freight company have to call your shop?"

We do not keep regular hours at our shop, so we are not always in- we are frequently out on local repair & service calls during the daytime hours, so we do not always have someone at the shop. Your freight carrier must call us first to arrange a pick up time so that we will not miss them!!!

Our phone number is: 801-272-0221

Be sure your freight carrier has your phone number as well.

D) Final Important Shipping Info:

  • Shipping Disclaimer:
    We are not responsible for any issues dealing with freight carriers after your game has left our shop. We are pinball people- not freight handlers- and we do not have any control over anything that happens with, or to, your game, after it leaves our shop and is turned over to the freight company. You will be responsible for dealing with the freight company directly for any arrangements/issues regarding your shipment. Our liability ends when the game leaves our shop.

    Customers should be aware that commercial shippers simply move freight from one location to another, and the amount of care, or safety, that any shipped item receives, mostly depends on how well it is packaged before it is turned over to any freight company. Beyond that, the best choice for the actual shipping is any company that serves your area, and your needs, in a timeframe and at a price that are acceptable to you. In all our years in this business, we have never found any shipping company that gives "better service" than any other. So go with the shipper that works best for your particular needs.

    When using your own shipper, you will be solely and completely responsible for making the pickup and shipping arrangements, and for the care and safety of the game after it leaves our shop. We will not be responsible for any damage, loss, delays, or any other problems with shipping in any way, if you are making your own arrangements. Our liability ends when the game leaves our shop. Any warranty we provide does not cover any damage resulting from shipping problems.

  • Games Going Outside the U.S.:
    • Import Taxes/Tariffs/Fees:
      Goods that are manufactured in the U.S. and imported into your country from the U.S. may be subject to additional import taxes, tariffs, and fees. Fees charged for goods imported from the U.S. may vary and may depend on the sales price of the equipment and type of equipment. We have no information on what fees might be charged on goods imported into your country from the U.S., and rates and restrictions typically change frequently, so we recommend contacting your local post office or customs service office, to get more information on what additional charges you may be responsible for, when importing merchandise from the U.S.

    • Customs Inspections:
      In addition to import taxes/tariffs/fees (as mentioned above), your customs office may perform a random or mandatory inspection of your goods being imported in from the U.S. Customs inspections can take time, and may delay the delivery of your game for some time. We have heard of delays of a few days up to 2 months in some cases.

      Be aware that if your customs office delays the delivery of your game, they may charge you a storage fee for the time that the game is in their posession. We have only heard of this happening once- in Australia- but it may be a good idea to check with your customs service before making your purchase, to see if there may be any possible delays or extra charges. Such issues are completely out of our control, so please check with your local customs service regarding any questions or concerns you may have, before making your purchase.

    • Game Conversion For Use in Non-U.S. Country:
      Some electrical conversion/modification of the game may be required for use with the electrical power in your country. We do not do any conversion of games for use in countries outside the U.S. All games we sell are set up for use in the U.S. only, and sold as such. Customers outside the U.S. are responsible for any conversion required to operate the game in their country, including electrical conversions, coin door (coin acceptor/rejector) conversion, game adjustments, language settings, etc.

    • Special Packaging Material Requirements:
      Be aware that customs services in some countries may have restrictions on what types of materials can be used for packaging/crating, and some materials may not be allowed in your country. When making shipping arrangements, you should find out if there are any restrictions on packaging materials coming in to your country from the U.S. If there are any specific requirements in your country, let us know, and we may be able to assist with special packaging needs. Some additional costs may be required for special materials for packaging.

    • Game Warranty & Service:
      Games sold outside the U.S. will obviously have some limitations in regard to warranty and service that we are able to provide. Contact us before purchasing for details.

  • Shipping Time Estimates:
    Most games that ship by ground within the continental U.S. take approximately 1 to 2 weeks to arrive, depending on destination. We recommend allowing a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks for delivery during the busy Holiday Season and for delays that may be possible due to inclement weather. Expedited shipping is also often available (air freight) through most carriers, at additional cost, which can be quicker. Most shippers, however, will not guarantee a delivery time, so please check with your shipper before making your purchase if you have a deadline and need a game delivered by a certain date/time.

  • Shipment Tracking:
    Most shippers can provide tracking information for you while your shipment is on the way. Check with your shipper for details.

  • Game Setup & Assembly:
    Setting up most games after they have been shipped is usually a rather simple process, and requires 1 or 2 people, and a few simple hand tools. We include setup instructions with all games shipped from our shop, and you can also find instructions online (with pictures) on our Game Setup & Assembly page.

    Please note that most shippers are not able or allowed to do any work with your actual merchandise, after they have delivered it. Please do not count on shippers to help you set up and get your game going.

    If you'd prefer to have someone move and/or set the game up for you, you may find someone in your local area that can do the job. Check your local Yellow Pages phone directory under "Amusement Devices" or "Pinball" to see if anyone can assist you. Additionally, you may find someone in the business, or hobby, in the Mr. Pinball Collector Register which is an online listing of pinball collectors, repair persons, and enthusiasts all around the world.

    Feel free to contact us for any further information or if you have any questions.

  • Shipping Damage & Claims:
    If your shipment arrives with apparent damage to the shipping carton (visible exterior damage), we recommend the following steps:
    1. Before signing the shipping bill (for receipt of the shipment), have the shipper note on the shipping bill, the exact details of the observed damage to the carton and/or game (from what is visible from outside the carton, and through any openings in the packaging) before the carton is opened. And that these observations are made before you have taken receipt of the shipment and before the shipment has been opened/unpacked. And always in the presence of the shipping company representative. Be sure that both you, and the shipper, have a copy of the shipping bill, as noted.

      (Most shippers will not allow you to open the carton/packaging until the shipment has been signed for, so make as many possible notations on the shipping bill before signing the bill. And be sure to note that these notations were made before signing for the shipment, and in the presence of the shipping company representative.)

    2. Have the shipper stay with you while you open and inspect the contents of the container for any additional damage that was not visible before opening. Have the shipper note any further damage on the shipping bill, and indicate that it was discovered after signing for shipment, and opening the carton, and that it was done so in the presence of the shipping company representative.
    Again, please note that we are not responsible for any damage that might occur if you are having a packaged game shipped to you- our control over the game, and liability, end when the game leaves our shop.

    If you wish to inquire with us about repairs for a game that was damaged in shipping, let us know, and we can determine if we can help, or possibly help you find someone in your local area who may be able to help in-person.

  • Game Warranty:
    Most games we sell include a warranty. Some do not. Warranty is limited on warranted games sold to out-of-town customers. Damage or misadjustments to the game that may occur during shipping are not covered under game warranty, and must be handled separately. Damage that may occur in shipping may be covered under your shipping insurance, if you purchase insurance for your shipment through your freight carrier.

  • Cold Weather:
    With shipping an electronic game (or any electronic device) in cold weather, the game should be allowed to warm up to room temperature (65 degrees Fahrenheit or more) before power is applied. Not doing so may risk unnecessary damage to the game. We recommend 1 to 2 hours warm up time.

  • Adjustments/Repair Following Shipping:
    Buyer is aware that game may require some adjustment upon delivery due to normal effects of transportation such as vibration, shifting, or handling. Buyer is responsible for any adjustments or repair to the game after shipping, and any costs involved. Such adjustments or repair are NOT covered under game warranty. They may be covered under shipping insurance if you purchased insurance through your freight carrier.

  • Storage Charges:
    We charge a storage fee for any games that are waiting to be picked up by customers, or picked up by freight carriers for shipping to out-of-town customers. Any applicable storage fees must be paid in full before game can leave our shop. We are not responsible for any storage fees incurred if your game is not picked up on time, or if a shipment is missed due to storage fees not being paid.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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