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Featured Items:

Bracket - Coil Mounting Plunger Guide (Stern)

Drop Target - Blue (Bally)
$2.59 each

Car License Plate Frame
$5.00 each

Coil - A-2495 (Gottlieb)

Maverick the Movie (Data East / Sega) Rubber Ring Kit (w/o short post rubbers)

Carriage Bolt - #10-24 x 2 Zinc
$0.40 each

3 Jokers / Straight Flush (Williams) Schematic Wiring Diagram (Reprint)

Sound PROM Chip U3 - E729-18 (Bally)
$24.99 each

Coil - A-24-850
$11.39 each

Lane Guide - 2-Sided White (Stern)

Ball Shooter Gauge / Cover (Williams) (USED)
$7.50 each

Coil - X5-29P-900 (United / Williams)

Coin Door Interlock Switch Mounting Plate (Williams)
$9.69 each

Bally Repair Procedures Manual FO-560-2 (ORIGINAL)
$25.00 each

Shield Assembly - Transformer (Williams)

Screw - #8-32 x 3/8 Phillips Flat Head (P-FLH) Machine Thread (MS) Undercut
$0.20 each

Team One (Gottlieb) Rubber Ring Kit

Pop Bumper Top Assembly w/ Red Skirt (Bally/Williams)

Target Switch - Yellow 1-Inch Square (Stern)
$9.99 each

Outhole Kicker Arm Assembly (Gottlieb)

Gilligans Island (Bally) Opto Switch PCB Assembly

Cabinet Extra Ball Button Assembly - Yellow Lens (USED)
$5.00 each

Twilight Zone (Bally) Right Flipper Return Lane Plastic (NOS) (SEE NOTE)
$10.00 each

Microswitch with Extended Wireform Actuator

Flipper Assembly w/o Coil - Right (Gottlieb / Premier)