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Status: Out of Stock
Part #: U966

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    Coil Plunger - Drop Target Memory Coil (Bally) - Inline Targets

    Chuck-a-Luck (Game Plan) ROM Chips

    Car License Plate Frame
    $5.00 each

    Medusa (Bally) Right Upper Flipper Plastic (USED)
    $20.00 each

    Coin Door Trim / Molding # P-5940-31 - Right (Bally) (USED)
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    Playfield Top Rest Bracket w/ Bumper (USED)
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    3/8 Inch PCB / Display Standoff - Adhesive-Backed (Bally / Williams)
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    Pop Bumper Fiber Yoke (Data East/Sega/Stern)

    5-Position Light Socket Strip w/Tabs (Williams) (USED)
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    Strange Science (Bally) ROM Chips

    Corvette (Bally) ROM Chips

    Link - Flipper Coil Plunger
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    Wireform Ball Gate - One-Way (Bally/Williams)
    $5.59 each

    Spacer - Plastic Standoff 1-1/8 H x 3/8 OD x 5/32 ID - Gray (Data East)
    $1.25 each

    Soldering Iron - 100-Watt Heavy Duty
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