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Status: Out of Stock
Part #: U12

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    Screw - #8 x 3/8 Phillips Pan Head (PPH) Wood Thread (SMS) Self-Tapping
    $0.18 each

    Star Trek (Bally) Rubber Ring Kit

    Car License Plate Frame
    $5.00 each

    2-Inch Flipper Shoe & Shaft Assembly (Bally)

    Black Knight (Williams) Flipper Return Lane Plastics 2pcs
    $19.99 set

    Flip Flop (Bally) Score & Instruction Card Set (6pcs)
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    Joust (Williams) Rubber Ring Kit

    Cabinet Extra Ball Button Assembly - Yellow Lens
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    Midnight Marauders (Bally/Midway) Sound ROM Chips

    Microswitch with Extended Wireform Actuator

    Far Out (Gottlieb) Rubber Ring Kit

    Memory Lane (Stern) Game ROM Chips U2/U6 (2pcs) (SEE NOTES)

    Saucer Hole Kicker Assembly AS-428-44 - Left (Bally) (USED)
    $40.00 each

    Plastic Spacer - Black - 7/16 in x 5/16 OD x 0.192 ID (Williams)
    $1.19 each

    TX Sector (Gottlieb) Rubber Ring Kit

    Lift Trim - Stainless Steel - 28-1/2 Inch - for 3/16 inch Thick Backglass
    $29.99 each

    Price Plate (Bally) Dime - Green/Black (USED)
    $5.00 each

    Bad Cats (Williams) ROM Chips

    25-cent (US) Coin Mechanism - Coin Controls (USED) (SEE NOTES)
    $15.00 each

    Lectronamo (Stern) Rubber Ring Kit

    Congo (Williams) G10 Security Chip
    $47.50 each

    Ball Trough Emitter Opto PC Board - 2-Element (Stern)

    Coil - G-32-2500 (Bally) (USED)

    Flipper Coil Plunger - Linear 1980-1988 (Bally / Midway)
    $10.09 each

    Potentiometer- 25K Ohm Rotary Linear Taper - 9mm Trim Pot
    $2.49 each