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Rebound Bumper - Brown 1-1/2 Inch Dia. - Top Arch:

Price: $2.69 each

Status: In Stock
(46 Available)



Part #: RINREB
Condition: New
Round brown bumper typically used at top arch on playfields of most vintage games. Fits most makes/models. Approx. 5/8-inch thick, 1-1/2-inch diameter. Replaces Bally/Williams # 38-1110, Gottlieb # A-1344, Midway # 17-41-716 & 0017-00041-716, Stern # 7A-113, and others.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    ALLIED LEISURE: Circa 1933, Dyn O' Mite, Eros One, Getaway, Roy Clark the Entertainer

    CHICAGO COIN: Action, Astronaut, Big Flipper, Casino, Cowboy, Fire Cracker, Gun Smoke, Hee Haw, Hula Hula, Kicker, Mustang, Olympics, Riviera, Stage Coach, Thing, Twinky

    GENCO: One Two Three, South Pacific, Tri-Score

    GOTTLIEB: 2001, 300, Abra Ca Dabra, Ace High, Airport, Alice in Wonderland, Aloha, Aquarius, Arabian Knights, Around the World, Astro, Atlantis, Auto Race, Bank-A-Ball, Bank Shot, Barnacle Bill, Baseball, Batter Up, Belle Hop, Big Brave, Big Indian, Big Shot, Blue Note, Bonanza, Brite Star, Bronco, Buccaneer (1948), Buccaneer (1976), Buckaroo, Bumper Pool, Card King, Card Trix, Card Whiz, Centigrade 37, Central Park, Chinatown, Classy Bowler, Cleopatra, College Daze, College Queens, Contest, Continental Cafe, Coronation, Cover Girl, Crescendo, Cross Town, Cyclone, Daisy May, Dancing Dolls, Dancing Lady, Diamond Lil, Dimension, Dodge City, Domino, Dragon, Dragonette, Drop-A-Card, Duette, Duotron, Easy Aces, Egg Head, Electra Pool, Eye of the Tiger, Far Out, Fashion Show, Fast Draw, Fire Queen, Flipper Clown, Flipper Cowboy, Flipper Fair, Flying Carpet, Flying Chariots, Flying High, Foto Finish, Four Seasons, Four Square, Four Stars, Free Fall, Frontiersman, Fun Land, Gaucho, Gigi, Gladiator, Globe Trotter, Golden Arrow, Gold Star, Gondolier, Grand Slam (1953), Grand Slam (1972), Green Pastures, Groovy, Guys Dolls, Gypsy Queen, Happy Clown, Happy Days, Happy Go Lucky, Harbor Lites, Harmony, Hawaiian Beauty, Hawaiian Isle, Hi Diver, Hi Dolly, High Hand, High Seas, Hi Lo, Hot Shot, Hurdy Gurdy, Ice Revue, Ice Show, Jack in the Box, Jack N Jill, Jacks Open, Jet Spin, Jockey Club, Joker, Joker Poker, Jumping Jack, Jungle, Jungle King, Jungle Princess, Jungle Queen, K.C. Jones, Kewpie Doll, King Kool, King of Diamonds, King Pin, King Rock, Knock Out, Lady Luck, Lancers, Lawman, Lightning Ball, Lovely Lucy, Lucky Card, Lucky Hand, Lucky Star, Magnotron, Majestic, Majorettes, Marathon, Marble Queen, Masquerade, Mayfair, Melody, Melody Lane, Mermaid, Merry Go Round, Mibs, Mini Cycle, Minstrel Man, Miss Anabelle, Mustang, Mystic Marvel, New York, Now, Oklahoma, Olde King Cole, Out of Sight, Paradise, Paul Bunyan, Picnic, Pin Up, Pin Wheel, Pioneer, Playmates, Poker Face, Polo, Pop-A-Card, Preview, Pro Pool, Quartette, Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Hearts, Quick Draw, Quintette, Rack-A-Ball, Rocket Ship, Rockettes, Rock Star, Rose Bowl, Roto Pool, Round Up, Royal Flush (1957), Royal Flush (1976), Royal Guard, Royal Pair, Score Board, Scuba, Sea Belles, Sea Shore, Sheriff, Shindig, Ship Ahoy, Ship Mates, Show Boat, Silver, Sinbad, Sing Along, Sittin' Pretty, Skill Pool, Skipper, Sky Dive, Sky Jump, Sky Line, Slick Chick, Soccer, Southern Belle, Spin Wheel, Spirit of '76, Spot Bowler, Spot Pool, Square Head, Star Trek, Straight Shooter, Strange World, Subway, Sunset, Super Circus, Super Soccer, Super Spin, Sure Shot, Surf Champ, Surf Side, Surfer, Sweet Add-A-Line, Sweet Sioux, Swing Along, Target Pool, Team One, Telecard, Ten Up, Texan, The Games, The New Champ, Thoro Bred, Three Score, TKO, Top Card, Top Score, Torch, Toreador, Totem, Triplets, Tropic Isle, Troubadour, Twin Bill, Universe, Vulcan, Wagon Train, Whirl-Wind, Wild Life, Wild West, Wild Wild West, Wishing Well, World Beauties, World Fair

    INDER: Miss Universo

    PLAYMATIC: Caddie, Conquest 200, Fairy, Fandango, Fantasy, Fiesta, Geisha, New World

    RECEL: Lady Luck, Top Speed

    SONIC: Butterfly, Jokers Wild

    STERN: Ali, Magic, Meteor, Nine Ball, Nugent, Trident

    UNITED: Baby Face, Blue Skies, Carolina, Tampico

    WICO: Big Top

    WILLIAMS: 3 Coins, 3 Jokers, 3-D, Aces & Kings, Add-A-Ball, Alpine Club, Apollo, Arrow Head, Band Wagon, Beat the Clock, Beat Time, Big Daddy, Big Deal (1963), Big Star, Big Strike, Blue Chip, Bowl-A-Strike, Cabaret, Casanova, Colors, Coquette, Daffie, Darts, Derby Day, Ding Dong, Disco Fever, Disk Jockey, Doozie, Eager Beaver, Fairway, Friendship 7, Full House, Fun-Fest, Gay 90's, Golden Gloves, Granada, Gulfstream, Gusher, Hayburners II, Heat Wave, Hollywood, Honey, Hot Diggity, Hot Line, Jackpot, Jive Time, Jungle, King Pin, Klondike, Love Bug, Lucky Ace, Lucky Seven, Lucky Strike, Lunar Shot, Magic City, Magic Town, Majorettes, Merry Widow, Moulin Rouge, Olympic Hockey, OXO, Paddock, Palooka, Pat Hand, Pinky, Post Time, Pot 'O' Gold, Rag Mop, Rancho, Reserve, River Boat, Rock N Roll, San Francisco, Satellite, Satin Doll, Screamo, Set Up, Seven Up, Shangri-La, Ski Club, Skill Pool, Skill-Ball, Smart Set, Smoke Signal, Soccer, Solids N' Stripes, Spanish Eyes, Stardust, Straight Flush, Strike Zone, Summer Time, Strato-Flite, Super-Flite, Super Score, Suspense, Swinger, Ten Spot, Tic Tac Toe, Tom Tom, Top Hand, Touchdown, Trade Winds, Travel Time, Triple Action, Tropic Fun, Valiant, Viking, Whoopee, Wild Card, Wing Ding, Yukon, Zig Zag

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