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Power Rectifier- 35 amp 400v - Lug Leads:

Price: $7.95 each

Status: In Stock


Part #: REC3504L
Condition: New
Heavy-duty replacement rectifier for use in many models of pinball games- old and new. Used in many Data East and Williams electronic solid-state (SS) games, and replaces rectifiers used in some older electro-mechanical (EM) games from the 1970s that used DC power for some coil circuits.

Rated at 35 amps, 400 volts, with lug leads. Will replace and out-last lower-rated rectifiers. Measures 1-1/8 inch square, 7/16 inch thick. Lugs measure 1/4 inch wide. Can also be used as replacement for 25 amp rectifiers (2502, 2504, etc). Replaces Bally/Williams factory # 5100-09418-00, Data East / Sega / Stern # 112-5000-00, BRG21, and others.

Replacement Info:
  • Bally EM Games: Can be used as replacement for the smaller VK248 rectifier, which is now obsolete. May require re-connection of wiring if original spade connectors do not fit on this new part. Use with filter capacitor CAP1UF250VAXL on our Capacitors page.
  • Williams EM Games: Can be used as replacement for Williams #s 5A-8741 and 5A-8749. May require re-connection of wiring if original spade connectors do not fit on this new part. Use with filter capacitor CAP1UF250VAXL on our Capacitors page.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    GOTTLIEB: Big House, Black Hole, Charlie's Angels, Circus, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (electronic), Dragon, Genie, Haunted House, Sinbad (electronic), Torch, Totem, more

    WILLIAMS: Algar, Alien Poker, Aristocrat, Aztec, Big Ben, Big Deal (1977), Black Gold, Black Knight (early models), Blackout, Blue Chip, Contact, Darling, Dealer's Choice, Disco Fever, F-14 Tomcat, Firepower, Flash, Fun-Fest, Gorgar, Grand Prix, Gulfstream, High Ace, Hot Tip, Jubilee, Laser Ball, Liberty Bell, Little Chief, Lucky Ace, Lucky Seven, OXO, Pat Hand, Phoenix (1978), Pokerino, Rancho, Satin Doll, Scorpion, Skylab, Space Mission, Space Odyssey, Spacelab, Spanish Eyes, Star Action, Star Pool, Stellar Wars, Strato-Flite, Summer Time, Super-Flite, Swinger, Time Warp, Toldeo, Travel Time, Tri Zone, Triple Action, Triple Strike, Tropic Fun, Valencia, Wild Card, World Cup

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