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Item Playfield Parts - Mechanical:

Status: Available
No item description.

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    Sharkeys Shootout (Stern) ROM Chips

    Cam - Ball Lock Assembly (Data East)
    $9.09 each

    Car License Plate Frame
    $5.00 each

    Coin Door Trim / Molding - Left (Bally) (USED)

    Post - Dual Ring 8-32 x 6/32 Thread (Bally/Williams)
    $4.49 each

    Embyron (Bally) Game Manual & Schematics

    6.3-Amp Fuse - Fast-Blow Small 5mm x 20mm
    $0.60 each

    Beat Time (Williams) Game Manual

    Screw - #6-32 x 3/8 Phillips Pan Head (PPH) Machine Thread (MS) SEMS
    $0.15 each

    Getaway (Williams) Accelerator Entrance Ramp Assembly

    Ball Auto-Launch Kicker Arm - Hole Type (Data East)
    $26.59 each

    74HCT138N Line Decoder IC
    $1.49 each

    Coil - 21-50002B (21-50002) (Game Plan)
    $23.99 each

    Monopoly (Stern) Ramp Entrance Flap
    $6.31 each

    Jurassic Park (Data East) T-Rex Motor Cam Assembly

    Skateball (Bally) Rubber Ring Kit

    Stellar Wars (Williams) Operators Handbook (Reprint)

    Mexico (Bingo - 1954) (United) Rubber Ring Kit

    Flash Gordon (Bally) Upper Playfield Right Ball Guide (USED)
    $20.00 each

    Coil - R-24-700 (Chicago Coin)
    $13.89 each

    Earthshaker (Williams) Drop Target Decal Set (3 pcs)
    $5.00 set

    Opto Switch Emitter Element / LED (Capcom)
    $3.79 each

    Header Pin Connector - 11-Position - 0.156 Inch Spacing Break-Away w/Lock

    Coil - F-31-2100 (Bally)

    Coil - K-31-1500 (Chicago Coin)
    $18.89 each