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Pop Bumper Assembly (Williams EM) w/ G-22-550 Coil:

Price: $56.52 each

Status: In Stock
(5 Available)



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Part #: POP_ASSY1
Condition: New
Pop bumper assembly, as pictured. For some older Williams electro-mechanical (EM) pinball games from mid-1960s to late 1971 (see game listing below). Includes coil # G-22-550.

Includes the following parts:Sold as pictured- does not include bumper cap or any other parts that are not pictured.

Not sure which pop bumper assembly your game uses? Just e-mail us.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    WILLIAMS: 3 Jokers, 4 Aces (unconfirmed), 8 Ball (1966), A-Go-Go, Aces & Kings, Alpine Club, Apollo, Beat Time, Big Chief, Big Strike, Blast Off, Bowl A Strike, Cabaret, Casanova, Cue-T, Daffie, Ding Dong, Dipsy Doodle, Doodle Bug, Doozie, Eager Beaver, Expo, Full House, Gay 90s, Gold Rush, Gridiron, Hot Line, Jackpot, Jive Time, Jolly Roger, Kickoff, Klondike, Lady Luck, Love Bug, Lucky Strike, Lunar Shot, Magic City, Magic Town, Miss-O, Moulin Rouge, Pit Stop, Planets (unconfirmed), Post Time, Pot O Gold, Olympic Hockey, Paddock, Pretty Baby, Rock N Roll, Roto, Set Up, Seven Up, Shangri-La, Ski Club, Smart Set, Smarty, Solids N Stripes, Stardust, Straight Flush, Strike Zone (pinball), Student Prince, Suspense, Teacher's Pet, Top Hand, Touchdown, Yukon, Yukon Special, Zodiac (unconfirmed), more

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