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Status: Out of Stock
Part #: PM0595

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    Star Trek (Data East) Backbox Fluorescent Lamp
    $15.99 each

    Large Microswitch with Looped Actuator Blade

    Car License Plate Frame
    $5.00 each

    Bracket - Microswitch Mounting (Bally/Williams) (USED)
    $3.00 each

    Playfield Insert Lens - 1-1/8-Inch Round White Translucent w/ 20 (USED)
    $3.00 each

    Up-Kicker Plunger 21412 - 2-3/4 Inch (Gottlieb)
    $19.95 each

    Lane Guide - 2-Sided Green (Stern)
    $4.55 each

    Standup Target - Narrow (Oblong) Red - Rear-Mount

    Lost World Jurassic Park (Sega) Game Manual (ORIGINAL)
    $30.00 each

    Transformers Home Model (Stern) CPU / Sound Board
    $479.00 each

    Flipper Rebuild Kit - Right Side Only - Bally/Williams Games 1992-1999

    Spring - Drop Target Reset - Long (Bally)

    Coil - A-24-500/36-4500 (Bally / Midway)
    $21.49 each

    Paddock (Williams) Schematic Wiring Diagram

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Playfield Plastic - Right Orbit Lane (USED)
    $7.50 each

    Earthshaker (Williams) Rubber Ring Kit

    20-Amp Fuse - Fast-Blow (AGC) 1-1/4 x 1/4 Inch
    $0.61 each

    Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally) Game ROM Chip U6 (2532 EPROM)

    Standup Target - Square 3D - Yellow Translucent
    $15.95 each

    Scared Stiff (Bally) Slingshot Cover Plastic Set (2pcs) (USED)
    $90.00 set

    Spinner Actuator Wire 2-3/4 Inch (USED)
    $3.50 each

    Truck Stop (Bally) ROM Chips

    Fathom (Bally) Custom Game ROM Chips (2532 EPROMs)

    Playboy (Bally) Rubber Ring Kit

    Coil Stop - Flipper - Early Models (Bally)
    $3.50 each