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AMOA / AVA / IEA Operator / Distributor Plaque Set (3pcs):

Price: $12.00 set

Status: In Stock


Part #: PDG438
Condition: Used
3-piece set of original embossed plastic plaques provided in past decades to many coin-operated equipment operators and distributors who were members of the AMOA (Amusement & Music Operators Association), AVA (Automatic Vendors of America), and IEA (Intermountain Electrical Association). These plaques date from 1965 to 1980 and are a bit dusty, but in excellent condition. The IEA plaque has a fold-out arm on the back for displaying the plaque upright on a desk, shelf, or table (the other 2 plaques are wall-mount). Great collectible pieces of amusment machine history. Used items in excellent condition.

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