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Item: "NB=26-1900"

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Featured Items:

Cyclone (Williams) Spook House Plastic

Viper Night Drivin (Sega) Sales Flyer - Original
$3.00 each

Car License Plate Frame - Playing Pinball
SALE! $3.50 each

Large Microswitch with Blade Actuator (Data East)

Jolly Jokers (Williams) Schematics
$19.50 each

Coil - FC-30-1400 (Bally)
$16.39 each

Score Display Assembly - 16-digit Alpha-Numeric 2-Row WPC-89 (Williams) (USED - NEEDS WORK)
$80.00 each

2.7K-ohm Resistor - 1/4-Watt
$0.25 each

Lost World Jurassic Park 2 (Sega) ROM Chips
$12.00 each

Spring - Relay (Gottlieb)
$1.56 each

Playboy (Stern) Torsion Spring

Kingpin (Capcom) ROM Chips
$12.00 each

Fish Tales / Demolition Man (Williams) Pushbutton Assembly

Coil - AC-1006 (Playmatic)
$13.89 each

Lost World Jurassic Park (Sega) Game Manual (ORIGINAL)
$25.00 each

Checkpoint (Data East) ROM Chips
$12.00 each

Far Out (Gottlieb) Rubber Ring Kit
$16.49 each

Coin Door Price Plate - Yellow Dollars (BLEMISH) (Williams)

Flashlamp Dome Mounting Base - Clear Plastic (Bally/Williams)
$2.52 each

Deadpool Pro (Stern) Rubber Ring Kit

Congo (Williams) G10 Security Chip
$47.50 each

Capacitor - 150uF 200v Radial Lead
$4.14 each

Coin Door Decal - Bally S.B.A. Dollar
$6.85 each

Winner (Williams) Rubber Ring Kit
$12.04 each

Chime Plunger - 1-15/16 Inch w/ Nylon Tip (Bally)
$5.53 each