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Pop Bumper Clear Adhesive Mylar Protector:

Price: $1.50 each

Status: In Stock


Part #: MYL1
Condition: New
These clear adhesive-backed peel-n-stick Mylar rings help protect the area around the base of the pop bumpers on your game- help prevent wear and preserve playfield finish. Each ring fits around pop bumper mounting area on the bare playfield, underneath the bumper unit. Includes cut-out notches to fit around the 3 threaded nail heads used to mount coil bracket under playfield.

Commonly used on later-model games including Bally (early 1970s through 1980, and 1990-up), some Gottlieb games, Williams, and possible others.

Many games shipped from the factory with these installed in place, but they do wear out over time, so always good to replace when you are doing a full playfield overhaul. Direct replacement for Bally # M-1787 and others. Can be used in place of Gottlieb # 25732.

This is a common shape used for many makes/models but your game may differ- please match shape to your game before ordering, or e-mail us if you are unsure. See our other Mylar protectors for different pop bumper shapes/styles.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    Most makes and models

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