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Padded Leg Leveler Cups (4pcs):

Price: $7.49 set

Status: In Stock
(6 Available)

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Part #: LEV_CFT
Condition: New
Great for any floor surface! These 2-1/2 inch diameter round plastic cups have a cushioned padding on the back and fit perfectly under pinball leg levelers to protect your floor surface from damage from sliding, scuffing, marks, and dirt. Also help keep the game stable on slippery surfaces and low-profile carpet! Great addition to any game, for any gameroom! Sold in sets of 4.

NOTE: Now available with a set of 4 pieces of double-sided adhesive foam tape that can be placed on the bottom of your leg leveler to help keep it attached/centered in the cup (select above when ordering - ships WITHOUT tape by default). Great for situations where your game may be getting moved around a bit on the floor, and helps keep the cups under each leg.

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