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Leg Bolt - Silver - 2-1/2 Inch:

Price: $1.49 each

Status: In Stock
(7 Available)



Part #: LEGBOLT250
Condition: New
New metal leg bolt with chrome finish and acorn style head.

Portion under head is 2-1/2 inches, with 1-3/4 inches of thread. 2-3/4 inches overall length.

Standard bolt for use with most makes/models of games. May not fit on games with added accessories such as leg pads/protectors, cup holders, security bars, etc (use our extended leg bolt for these games). Will not fit older mechanical games with wood legs.

One game uses 8 (eight) bolts. Get rid of those ugly rusted or stripped leg bolts and make your game look new again with these bright new replacements! Sold individually.

Replaces Data East/Sega/Stern # 231-5001-01, Bally/Williams #s 4322-01125-38 (2-3/8 inch), 4322-01125-40 (2-1/2 inch), 4322-01125-44 (2-3/4 inch), Gottlieb # A-3775, and similar.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Amigo, Big Show, Boomerang, Cactus Canyon, Champion Pub, Circus (1973), Delta Queen, El Toro, Fathom, Fireball, Fireball Classic, Fireball II, Flash Gordon, Flicker (1975) (Bally), Mata Hari (electro-mechanical), Mata Hari (electronic), Medusa, Silverball Mania, Wizard!, more

    GOTTLIEB: Black Hole, Charlie's Angels (electro-mechanical), Charlie's Angels (electronic), Flying Carpet, Haunted House, Mayfair, Solar Ride (electro-mechanical), Solar Ride (electronic), Surf Champ, Surfer, Totem, more

    STERN: Catacomb, Cheetah (Stern), Dracula (Stern), Flight 2000, Galaxy, Hot Hand, Lectronamo, Lightning, Memory Lane, Meteor, Nine Ball, Quicksilver, Seawitch, Stars, Trident, Viper, Wild Fyre, more

    WILLIAMS: A-Go-Go, Algar, Alien Poker, Barracora, Big Deal (1977), Black Knight, Blackout, Comet, Contact, Cosmic Gunfight, Disco Fever, Fire!, Firepower, Firepower II, Flash, Gorgar, Grand Lizard, High Speed, Hot Tip (electro-mechanical), Hot Tip (electronic), Jokerz!, Jolly Roger, Jungle Lord, Laser Ball, Pharaoh, Phoenix, Pokerino, Police Force, Road Kings, Scorpion, Solar Fire, Stellar Wars, Time Warp, Tri Zone, Whirlwind, more

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