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Volcano Pinball Machine (Gottlieb):


Status: Out of Stock
Part #: GAME_VOL
Condition: Used/Reconditioned
Excellent condition, very low-use game, well preserved. Recently reconditioned.

*Shipping: Free packaging/crating and standard dock-to-dock shipping within the United States. Shipping to Canada and/or additional delivery services are extra.

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Condition: (See images below for more detail)

PLAYFIELD: Has factory-original Mylar covering that has helped preserve the artwork and finish. Only a few very minor signs of age and use are present. New modern LED lighting installed throughout game. New original NOS plastics set installed. Pop bumper driver boards upgraded for improved performance. Playfield cleaned/polished. New pin balls (3) installed. New custom plastic protector added over upper drop target bank.

BACKGLASS: Inner and outer glasses are in excellent condition with no signs of damage.

CABINET/BACKBOX: A few small nicks/scuffs/chips from age and normal use are present on the cabinet exterior surfaces (see images below for more detail). Back of cabinet and backbox show some chips/scuffs from use. Some of the red paint on top of the backbox has flaked off in small amounts (not visible when game is set up and assembled). Cabinet interior is very clean with parts in excellent condition. Backbox circuit boards are all original, with exception of power supply which has been replaced with a brand new modern unit. No signs of past repairs or damage are present on any of the boards. MPU board has had a remote-mount battery pack added to remove the original battery from the valuable circuit board to help prevent damage in the event of battery neglect & leakage. Score displays are all in excellent working condition and have been recharged to restore brightness.

  • Electronic speech and sound effects
  • 3-Ball Multball play where balls launch out of playfield from underneath
  • Widebody game features more gadgets on the playfield
  • 3 flippers
  • 10 drop targets
  • 4 pop bumpers
  • 4-hole 'Skee-Ball' in upper right corner of playfield
  • Skill Shot: Shooter lane has moving guide to vary direction of propelled ball (player controlled)
  • Left outlane ball kickback (player controlled)
  • Right outlane ball save
  • Factory-original NOS plastics set installed (not reproductions)
  • Modern LED lighting
  • New rubber rings and bumpers installed
  • New power supply
  • Upgraded pop bumper boards (4)
  • New pin balls installed (3)
  • Original factory Mylar covered playfield
  • 2-layer / 3D backglass with animated lighting effects. Inner and outer glasses are flawless
  • Fully functional coin door- works on quarters and dollar coins
  • Plays up to 4 players
  • Includes original game instruction/operation manual with schematics and misc. paperwork.
Sale is final- no returns, refunds, exchanges.

NOTE: No warranty or returns on used items. Used items are sold as-is, and all sales are final.

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