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Space Invaders (Bally) Pinball Machine - Restored/Upgraded:

Price: $12,500.00 Free Shipping *

Status: In Stock (Contact us for ordering info.)
Part #: GAME_SI4547
Condition: Fully Restored
150 hour full professional restoration and reconditioning, including 7-digit scoring upgrade, new reproduction playfield (clearcoated), full cabinet repaint, new playfield plastics set, full LED conversion, sound upgrade, and much more. Total of $ 3,729.20 in new parts installed.

*Shipping: Purchase at list price will include complimentary custom wood-crating and packaging, and standard dock-to-dock shipping within the United States (where available- subject to location). Shipping to Canada and/or additional delivery services are extra. No shipping outside US/Canada. Canadian customers are responsible for any import fees. Click here for more shipping info.

Payment is by ACH bank transfer or cash paid in person (paper money). No other forms of payment accepted for this item. All game sales are final- no returns, refunds, exchanges.

Item: Value:
Average-Condition Value (as-is "fixxer-upper"):$2,700.00
Parts Installed:$3,729.20
Shop Labor:
(150 hrs @ $85/hr)
Wood Crating & Shipping:$500.00
Total Value:$19,679.20
YOU SAVE:$7,179.20
  Values at the left give an example of what you might pay to buy an average used pinball machine like this in as-is condition, have it restored and upgraded in a professional shop, and then crated & shipped to you in finished shape. Some values may vary depending on actual starting condition of the game, and market fluctuations.

As these numbers show, it's typically less expensive to buy one all restored and done, than to buy one as-is and pay to have it overhauled.

Average condition value is based on current monitored market values posted online at at time of publishing.

Page Sections: Game Features:
  • WIDEBODY playfield (6-1/2 inches wider than standard pinball games)
  • 7-digit scoring upgrade (modified from original 6-digit)
  • FOUR flippers
  • Three pop bumpers
  • Four passive bumpers
  • Two drop target banks
  • Captive ball
  • Spinner target
  • "Infinity Lighting" backglass design (one of two Bally games that used this)
  • Electronic sound effects
  • Upgraded sound
  • New rubber rings and bumpers
  • Switchable between coin play and free play
  • Plays up to 4 players
Game Images:

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Game Video:

Game Condition & Details:

PLAYFIELD: New reproduction playfield (clearcoated). New playfield plastics set installed with new white nylon cap nuts and new stainless steel pan head screws. New full modern LED lighting kit installed with anti-flicker adapter set. New drop targets. New rubber ring set. New pop bumper cap set installed. New passive bumper cap set installed. New red plastic playfield posts. All mechanical assemblies have been reconditioned and rebuilt with new parts including drop target banks, pop bumpers, slingshot kickers, flippers, outhole kicker. New coil sleeves installed. Fully rebuilt flippers. New flipper bats.

Wiring harness has been fully removed and hand-cleaned and reconditioned. We have modified the flipper coil wiring and re-routed it away from switch wiring that it was originally bundled with inside the wiring harness. This was originally a factory design shortcoming with many early Bally electronic games which for some reason the factory never took the time to resolve over the years. The original flipper wiring design can cause pop bumpers and slingshot bumpers to sometimes fire randomly during play (without corresponding score/sound). This is due to electro-magnetic interference that can be present on the flipper wires when the flippers are activated/deactivated.

When flipper coils activate/deactivate, they produce a brief voltage spike which can be transferred to nearby sensitive switch wires. This can make the computer think the ball has hit a bumper, when in fact it has not. If you've spent much time playing early Bally electronic pinballs, you may have noticed this glitch peridoically on some games. Many people interpret it, or pass it off, as a bumper that is adjusted too sensitively. It is in fact a factory wiring flaw (Williams avoided this in their games by routing all their coil wires in a separate harness from the switch wires). The wiring modifications we've made to the flippers on this game virtually eliminate this problem. It can never be fully eliminated due to overall design, but it does help the game play a lot more in the way it was originally intended.

New modern heavy-duty metal posts and rubber post sleeves installed on either side of center standup target (original factory plastic posts just don't hold up here- always destroyed on most used games). New heavy-duty mini post installed in front of spinner target. Factory-style Mylar protectors installed around pop bumpers. New disc capacitors installed on all playfield switches that use them (often missing or inoperative on most used games). New pin balls installed. Playfield fully waxed with top-quality Carnauba wax. New score & instruction card set installed.

BACKGLASS: Both inner and outer backglasses are factory original and in excellent condition with very few signs of past use. Inner backglass has a couple of tiny nicks in the artwork in the back/center of the alien, but these do not penetrate the artwork, so are not visible when viewed from the front (see images below).

CABINET/BACKBOX: Fully cleaned and professionally refinished and repainted in exact original artwork and colors. The main cabinet has even had the factory silver spatter finish faithfully reproduced over the gray basecoat (most repainted Space Invaders games WILL NOT have this detail reproduced).

Stainless steel side rails removed, cleaned/polished, and replaced with new correct smooth-head twist nails. New cabinet gliders on back of main cabinet and underside of backbox.

Coin door and trim completely removed, disassembled into every individual component, all fully cleaned, reconditioned, and rebuilt, including full cleaning and restoration of wiring harness. New SBA Bally decal on front of coin door. Door is set up to take quarters and dollar coins, just as it came from the factory, and all coin slots and switches are fully working. Brand new NOS dollar coin mechanism installed for center slot. Game can be operated on coins, or free play.

Original legs have been sandblasted and professionally repainted in factory original charcoal metallic color with catalyzed automotive acrylic enamel paint. New leg levelers, leg bolts, leg bolt plates, and cabinet leg protector pads have been installed. Leg bolts have protective nylon washers under their heads to protect leg paint from wear/tear.

Cabinet interior has been fully stripped of all parts, cleaned, and refinished/repainted. All internal parts fully restored/reconditioned and reassembled including power supply assembly (upgraded), tilt mechanism panel, speaker, ground wiring braid, backbox hardware and latches, and all mounting hardware. All wiring harnesses and sub-harnesses in the game have been removed, hand-cleaned, and re-installed. New flipper buttons and flipper button switches installed in main cabinet.

A new custom backglass retaining latch/bolt has been fabricated and installed to replace the lost/missing original. Setting/adjustment cards stapled in backbox have been painstakingly reproduced and freshly-installed in original locations. Inspection tag in backbox also reproduced with original tag number re-printed in exact font and ink style. Factory employee number handwriting has also been reproduced on the tag for an original look. Backbox score display & light panel ("insert" door) has been fully removed and cleaned with all new LED bulbs installed. "Infinity lighting" backglass assembly used on this game (double backglass- inner and outer) has been fully removed and overhauled as well, with light socket frame being repainted and reinstalled with new red LED bulbs. Backglasses both fully cleaned and reinstalled. New chrome lift trim channel installed on bottom edge of outer backglass.

Score displays have been replaced with new modern LED units with same look/color as originals. This game has been modified for 7-digit scoring with a new custom ROM chip, adapter PC board, and 7-digit displays for all four players. Additional wiring has been properly dressed into original wiring harness and display connector housings just like the factory would have done it- looks "factory". Game also retains 7-digit high scores. Can be changed back to 6-digit scoring if desired, by simple plug-and-play changes (instructions included with new game manual).

All other circuit boards in this game are original Bally parts. All are original to this game (with matching serial numbers) except the MPU board, which was likely swapped out early in this game's life with another board from another Space Invaders game having a serial number a bit higher than this game's serial number. All circuit boards are in excellent condition and have been fully removed, cleaned, overhauled, and rebuilt/upgraded as needed. All connector pins have had solder re-flowed to repair and reinforce good connections. Anti-oxidant compound has been applied to all connector pins for improved connections and to ease removal/installation (reduces stress on boards and components). MPU board has new ROM chips and a remote-mount backup battery kit installed (with connector for easy board removal). Several plastic circuit board mounting standoffs have been replaced with new pieces to ensure all boards are fully mounted and secure in the backbox.

Solenoid driver/voltage regulator board in backbox has had a new filter capacitor installed which improves reliability and quality of the 5-volt power that runs to all the other circuit boards and displays. Ground modification has been made to this board to reduce the bottleneck of the ground return from the filter capacitor to the power supply, which is a common problem source in original unmodified games. 5-volt buss line to the solenoid driver section of the board has also been modified with a hard-wire connection which bypasses the strange factory wiring design that normally takes this circuit off the board at J3-15 and right back on at J3-25. This modification eliminates the possibility of developing weak solenoids (bumpers/kickers, etc) should bad connections ever develop on the J3 connector (we've seen this problem with two separate local repair customers over the years). Our modification eliminates this potential problem.

Sound board has had a new capacitor kit installed. Input wiring on it's main connector has also been lightly modified to accomodate a 4-pin connector for utilizing a custom auxilliary power supply which has been fabricated and installed near the board. This new unit supplies clean, isolated 5-volt power to the sound board only, which eliminates the annoying background 60Hz speaker hum, and buzzing that coincides with activity on the score displays, which most all unmodified Bally games of this era will have. This is a huge complaint with owners of these games, and we have spent dozens of un-logged hours coming up with a tried-and-true solution to this problem, which gives this game a super-quiet presence with awesome, untainted audio during game play. Anyone who is experienced with owning one of these games will be highly impressed with this upgrade.

This modification is completely plug-and-play reversible: all you have to do is turn the game off, unplug the custom auxilliary power supply, plug in the original 5-volt connector on the sound board cable, and turn power back on, to restore the game's original 5-volt supply to the sound board (along with the annoying factory speaker hum/buzz). See images below for a close-up of this setup.

Main power supply assembly in lower cabinet has been fully rebuilt and upgraded. New heavy-duty rectifiers with heat sinks have been installed in place of the out-of-date originals. Tarnished fuse retainer clips have been replaced with new, as needed. All fuses checked for proper values. Power supply PCB has had new custom mounting hardware installed for easy mounting and removal/installation if it ever needs service. New connector pins installed for all 3 connectors on the board. New 20-pin connector housing installed for backbox cable connector. Plastic protective shield over fuses has been custom-modified to fit with new rectifiers, and has a new high voltage warning decal installed. A new custom metal shield has been fabricated and installed over the back/top of the power supply (protects circuit board and fuses from any dust/debris that might ever fall onto the unit). A new metal protective cage has been custom-fabricated and installed over the transformer, replacing the lost original (a part that is unique to this game only).

New locks installed on coin door and backbox. Lockdown bar and latch on front of main cabinet have been fully removed, disassembled, cleaned/refinished, and re-installed with new hardware and a new foam seal strip on the underside of the lockdown bar. Ball shooter reconditioned and rebuilt with new parts. New sheet of scratch-free tempered safety glass installed over playfield. New game manual and schematics, including addendum information on custom 7-digit scoring and new auxilliary power supply for sound board.

List of New Parts Installed:

Item: Value:
Cabinet paint stencil set$195.48
Cabinet paint materials$72.98
Legs refinish and paint$85.00
Cabinet and backbox nylon gliders (8)$7.98
Leg bolts (8)$11.92
Leg bolt protective nylon washers (8)$2.00
Leg levelers- heavy duty (4)$9.96
Leg bolt plates- heavy duty (4)$19.96
Transformer cage (custom reproduction)$85.00
Stainless steel cabinet side rails (2)$129.99
Side rail twist nails (25)$47.25
Leg pad protectors (4)$11.95
Flipper buttons (2)$11.00
Flipper switches (2)$29.58
Lockdown bar latch SEMS screws (4)$0.76
Ball shooter internal spring$0.99
Ball shooter external spring$1.49
Ball shooter washers (3)$1.17
Cabinet wire harness rubber restraining ring$0.92
Lockdown bar foam seal- widebody$5.32
Playfield glass- tempered- widebody$119.99
Dollar coin acceptor (NOS)$30.00
Coin door decal$8.19
Coin door lock$5.99
Backbox lock$6.99
Backbox bolts (4)$5.16
Backbox bolt washers (4)$1.20
Cabinet/backbox instruction card set (reproduction)$25.00
Game manual with schematics (reproduction)$25.08
Backglass stainless steel lift channel$39.19
LED score display set (5pcs)$429.99
7-digit conversion control PC board$29.50
Fuse clips for power supply board (12)$3.60
Misc fuses replaced$2.81
Grounded power cord- original style$22.49
Wiring harness cable ties (57)$3.99
Regulator board filter capacitor kit$10.77
Regulator board high voltage decals (reproduction) (2)$1.78
Power supply upgraded rectifiers (2)$15.98
Rectifier heat sink (2)$7.38
Heat sink compound$3.99
Misc electronic parts replaced (resistors/diodes/etc)$45.44
MPU board remote-mount battery holder, connector, batteries$7.58
Misc electrical connectors replaced$16.09
New Playfield (reproduction/clearcoated)$1,054.00
Full LED kit$159.99
LED Adapter Set$63.00
LED Adapter Power Connector$0.85
Star rollover button (2)$2.98
Playfield switch capacitors (12)$5.88
Drop target set (reproduction/hotstamped)$22.99
Switch diodes (2)$0.78
Playfield coil fuse holder$2.99
Large flipper bat/shaft (2)$15.18
Small flipper cap set$20.00
Pop bumper bodies C-114-3 (3)$10.77
Passive bumper bodies C-114 (4)$39.96
Pop/passive bumper bases (7)$7.00
Pop bumper skirts (3)$2.97
Passive bumper skirts (4)$17.96
Pop/passive bumper skirt springs (7)$6.44
Pop/passive bumper actuator spoons (7)$6.23
Pop bumper fiber yoke (3)$3.87
Pop bumper Mylar protector rings (3)$6.00
Pop bumper cap set (3pcs)$39.99
Pop bumper cap screws (6)$0.90
Passive bumper cap set (4pcs)$39.96
Coil sleeves$4.83
Coil plunger & link (2)$8.98
Coil plunger link 03-8085$1.69
Coil plunger link 545-5293-00$1.29
Slingshot kicker arm assembly (2)$39.88
Rubber ring kit$19.16
Mini post- heavy-duty (1)$4.19
Mini post nuts/washers$0.74
Playfield posts- red (short) (6)$5.34
Playfield posts- red (tall) (30)$29.70
Playfield post- white narrow$1.99
Playfield post studs$9.54
Heavy-duty playfield posts- center loop (2)$10.18
Rubber post sleeves (2)$1.78
Screened artwork plastics set (reproduction)$174.00
Playfield plastics screws (18)$2.70
Playfield plastics cap nuts (33)$9.57
Shooter lane protector$6.29
Flipper rebuild kits (4)$120.60
Flipper coil (2)$41.98
Upper flipper actuator switches (2)$22.38
Upper flipper sound effect switches (2)$14.18
Misc new lamp sockets$13.15
Misc hardware (nuts/screws/washers)$44.51
New pin ball (2)$5.98
Score & instruction card set (reproduction)$5.00
New Parts Total:$3,729.20

Warranty Details:

This game includes a warranty. Click here for game warranty info.

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