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Flash (Williams) Pinball Machine - Restored/Upgraded:

Price: $4,795.00 Free Shipping *

Status: In Stock (Contact us for ordering info.)
Part #: GAME_FL350773
Condition: Restored/Reconditioned
Professionally reconditioned and restored with factory-original NOS playfield (clearcoated) and NOS plastics set. Total of $ 1,978.33 in new parts installed.

*Shipping: Purchase at list price will include complimentary custom wood-crating and packaging, and standard dock-to-dock shipping within the United States (where available- subject to location). Shipping to Canada and/or additional delivery services are extra. No shipping outside US/Canada. Canadian customers are responsible for any import fees. Click here for more shipping info.

Payment Methods Accepted:
  • ACH bank transfer
  • Venmo
  • Cash paid in person (paper money)
  • Credit/Debit (additional 3% mechant fee will apply)
All game sales are final- no returns, refunds, exchanges.

Page Sections: Game Features:
  • First pinball to feature background sound
  • First pinball to feature flasher lamps
  • 3 flippers (upgraded to modern units)
  • 3 pop bumpers
  • 2 drop target banks
  • Spinner target
  • Cross-playfield opening shot
  • Electronic sound effects
  • New rubber rings and bumpers
  • Switchable between coin play and free play
  • Plays up to 4 players
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Game Video:

Not currently available.

Game Condition & Details:

OVERALL: In the restoration and reconditioning of this particular game, we made it our prime objective to preserve the original genuine condition of as much of the game as was practically possible, due to the well-preserved condition that this game was in when we acquired it. It's what many would call a "survivor"- having had very few signs of past use and wear/tear, and having it's genuine factory condition preserved extremely well. We've tried to keep it that way in most respects because it's so nice (and rare) to see a factory-original game that has survived so well.

With the exception of the factory NOS playfield that we installed in this game, the condition of most components on this game are in their genuine condition as they came from the factory, having only been cleaned and reconditioned, and replaced only if necessary. We've left the few minor cabinet nicks and scuffs that exist, the original backglass with it's minor signs of past use, and some other facets of this game's condition, in an effort to preserve it's overall well-preserved originality.

While no restored pinball is "perfect", we certainly don't consider this one to be close to perfect, as our emphasis with it has been on preserving it's originality, in it's surviving condition. Restorations are not always "complete re-do's"- they are sometimes an effort to preserve originality and genuine condition as it's a condition that's very rare to see with any collectible.

The original playfield in this game was replaced not because of "wear and tear", but due to it having suffered cosmetically from old age: the factory polyurethane coating on the playfield had yellowed quite badly over time, and the finish suffered from vertical "crazing" in the playfeld finish- vertical hairline cracks that commonly occur and accumulate dark microscopic dirt and grime over decades of use.

We hope you'll appreciate our decision to put an emphasis on preservation on most of this reconditioned game, and hope you'll enjoy the details and pictures as well.

PLAYFIELD: A factory-original NOS (new-old-stock) playfield has been installed, and clearcoated to add durability. We were fortunate enough to find- many years ago- a full set of factory-original NOS playfield plastics for Flash, and saved them for a restoration such as this. These were all installed, and have brand new white nylon cap nuts and new stainless steel pan head screws to retain them. Thin fiber washers were also added under the plastics to help prevent scratches from the screws and studs that they were installed on top of.

All lighting in the game has been retained as original-style incandescent bulbs, in keeping with the preservation of the factory-original condition of most of this particular game. (We can upgrade the lighting to modern LED bulbs for additional cost, if so desired.)

Brand new drop targets with artwork decals have been installed. New rubber ring set. New pop bumper components installed, with original caps in excellent condition. All mechanical assemblies have been reconditioned and rebuilt with new parts including drop target banks, pop bumpers, slingshot kickers, flippers, eject hole kicker, outhole kicker. New coil sleeves installed.

All three flippers have been upgraded to modern Williams units for better performance, reliability, and easier service. New flipper bats. Wiring harness fully removed and hand-cleaned and reconditioned. Factory-style Mylar protectors installed around pop bumpers. New pin ball installed. Playfield fully waxed with top-quality Carnauba wax.

BACKGLASS: Factory original and in excellent condition with very few signs of past use. (See images for details.)

CABINET/BACKBOX: Factory-original condition, extremely well-preserved, showing only a few minor nicks/scuffs/scratches from below-average past use. We've opted to leave these minor blemishes rather than touch them up, as part of our effort to retain the well-preserved originality of this particular game. Cabinet has been fully cleaned inside and out.

New cabinet gliders on back of main cabinet and underside of backbox.

Coin door and trim completely removed, disassembled into every individual component, all fully cleaned, reconditioned, and rebuilt, including full cleaning and restoration of wiring harness. New adjustment decals installed on inside of door (above and below lock). Door is set up to take US quarters, just as it came from the factory, and both coin slots and switches are fully working. Game can be operated on coins, or free play.

Original legs have been cleaned and polished with new leg levelers, leg bolts, and cabinet leg protector pads installed.

Cabinet interior has been fully stripped of all parts, and fully cleaned. All internal parts fully restored/reconditioned and reassembled including power supply assembly, tilt mechanism panel, speaker, ground wiring braid, backbox hardware, and all mounting hardware. All wiring harnesses and sub-harnesses in the game have been removed, hand-cleaned, and re-installed. New flipper buttons installed in main cabinet.

Score displays are all factory originals and are in excellent working condition.

All other circuit boards in this game are original factory parts. All circuit boards are in excellent condition and have been fully removed, cleaned, overhauled, and rebuilt/upgraded as needed. All connector pins have had solder re-flowed to repair and reinforce good connections. Anti-oxidant compound has been applied to all connector pins for improved connections and to ease removal/installation (reduces stress on boards and components). MPU board has new ROM chips and a remote-mount backup battery kit installed (with connector for easy board removal).

Driver board in backbox has had lamp power resistors upgraded to 5-watt units, which allows them to run cooler and provide less stress to the board. Power supply has had new filter capacitor installed for 5-volt supply for added reliability.

New lock installed on coin door. Lockdown bar and latch on front of main cabinet have been fully removed, disassembled, cleaned/refinished, and re-installed with new hardware and a new foam seal strip on the underside of the lockdown bar. Ball shooter reconditioned and rebuilt with new parts. New sheet of scratch-free tempered safety glass installed over playfield. Factory-original manual and schematics included.

List of New Parts Installed:

Item: Value:
Cabinet and backbox nylon gliders (8)$7.98
Leg bolts (8)$8.72
Leg bolt protective nylon washers (8)$2.00
Leg levelers- heavy duty (4)$9.96
Leg bolt plates- heavy duty (2)$9.90
Leg pad protectors (4)$11.95
Flipper buttons (2)$9.90
Flipper switches (2)$20.00
Ball shooter external spring$0.69
Ball shooter washers (3)$1.17
Lockdown bar foam seal$3.99
Playfield glass- tempered$85.00
Coin door lock$4.95
Coin door interior decal set (reproduction)$14.95
Ground warning decal for back of cabinet (reproduction)$4.50
Misc fuses replaced$3.20
Power supply board filter capacitor$9.95
Upgraded lamp power resistors (8)$7.92
MPU board remote-mount battery holder, connector, batteries$12.15
Circuit board mounting standoffs (6)$6.72
Misc electronics & connectors$23.18
New game ROM chips for MPU board$54.00
New Playfield (factory original NOS)$850.00
Playfield clearcoating$200.00
Star rollover button (5)$7.50
Drop target set w/ decals$52.00
Pop bumper bodies (3)$5.97
Pop bumper bases (3)$3.00
Pop bumper skirts (3)$2.97
Pop bumper skirt springs (3)$2.76
Pop bumper fiber yokes (3)$3.87
Pop bumper Mylar protector rings (3)$6.00
Coil sleeves$6.90
Rubber ring kit$18.28
Playfield posts- red (45)$44.55
Screened artwork plastics set (factory original NOS)$150.00
Fiber washers under plastics$3.00
Playfield plastics screws (18)$2.70
Playfield plastics cap nuts (33)$9.57
Protective fender washers for plastics (6)$1.50
Flipper assembly (new upgraded) (3)$124.68
Flipper coil (new upgraded) (3)$71.37
Upper flipper actuator switch$11.19
Flipper bat/shaft (3)$20.85
Misc hardware (nuts/screws/washers)$63.90
New pin ball$2.99
New Parts Total:$1,978.33

Warranty Details:

This game includes a warranty. Click here for game warranty info.

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