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Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition (Bally) Pinball Machine # 2203 - Reconditioned/Upgraded:

Price: $5,995.00 - SOLD -

Status: Out of Stock
Part #: GAME_EBDLE2203
Condition: Restored/Reconditioned
91 hour full professional restoration and reconditioning, including new reproduction playfield (clearcoated), new playfield plastics set, full LED conversion, and much more. Total of $ 2,350.85 in new parts installed.

*Shipping: Purchase at list price will include complimentary custom wood-crating and packaging, and standard dock-to-dock shipping within the United States (where available- subject to location). Shipping to Canada and/or additional delivery services are extra. No shipping outside US/Canada. Canadian customers are responsible for any import fees. Click here for more shipping info.

Payment Methods Accepted:
  • ACH bank transfer
  • Venmo
  • Cash paid in person (paper money)
  • Credit/Debit (additional 3% mechant fee will apply)
All game sales are final- no returns, refunds, exchanges.

Page Sections: Game Features:
  • Electronic speech and sound effects
  • 3 flippers
  • 12 drop targets
  • 3 pop bumpers
  • New plastics set installed
  • Modern LED lighting installed
  • 7-digit scoring
  • New reproduction playfield installed
  • New rubber rings and bumpers installed
  • Fully restored and operational coin door
  • Plays up to 4 players
  • Includes game instruction/operation manual with schematics
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Game Video:

Video coming soon...

Game Condition & Details:

OVERALL: This game came to us with an interesting history: The previous owner told us that they acquired the game from a Bally executive who got it from one of the factory-owned Bally Aladdin's Castle arcades, where it spent the original portion of it's operational life. The cabinet condition is very above-average and still retains the original factory glossy finish, which tells us that the game was not moved around from location to location like most commercially-operated games were. The cabinet finish has been preserved amazingly well, and the whole game overall is in much better condition than we typically see for most average used games. We have no documentation to back up the history on this game, but present it here for what it is worth.

PLAYFIELD: New licensed reproduction clearcoated playfield made by Classic Pinball Reproductions.

New modern LED lighting has been installed with an anti-flicker LED adapter set. All of the troublesome wedge-base lamp sockets under the playfield have been removed and replaced with individual bayonet-base lamp sockets, which are much easier to work with. If you've ever owned a Bally game of this era, you know what a pain it is to work with the flimsy factory lamp sockets that hold #555 bulbs. That pain is no more with the all-new bayonet-base lamp sockets that hold #44 bulbs (LEDs).

New drop targets with artwork decals installed. New blue plastic playfield posts installed. All mechanical assemblies have been fully reconditioned and rebuilt with new parts including drop target banks, pop bumpers, slingshot kickers, flippers, kickout saucer/outhole. New coil sleeves installed. Fully rebuilt flippers. New flipper bats.

Wiring harness has been fully removed and hand-cleaned and reconditioned. We have modified the flipper coil wiring and re-routed it away from switch wiring that it was originally bundled with inside the wiring harness. This was originally a factory design shortcoming with many early Bally electronic games which for some reason the factory never took the time to resolve over the years. The original flipper wiring design can cause pop bumpers and slingshot bumpers to sometimes fire randomly during play (without corresponding score/sound). This is due to electro-magnetic interference that can be present on the flipper wires when the flippers are activated/deactivated.

When flipper coils activate/deactivate, they produce a brief voltage spike which can be transferred to nearby sensitive switch wires. This can make the computer think the ball has hit a bumper, when in fact it has not. If you've spent much time playing early Bally electronic pinballs, you may have noticed this glitch peridoically on some games. Many people interpret it, or pass it off, as a bumper that is adjusted too sensitively. It is in fact a factory wiring flaw (Williams avoided this in their games by routing all their coil wires in a separate harness from the switch wires). The wiring modifications we've made to the flippers on this game virtually eliminate this problem. It can never be fully eliminated due to overall design, but it does help the game play a lot more in the way it was originally intended.

Factory-style Mylar protectors have been installed around the pop bumpers. New disc capacitors have been installed on all playfield switches that use them (often missing or inoperative on most used games). New pin ball installed. Playfield fully waxed with top-quality Carnauba wax. A new set of score and instruction cards has also been installed.

A new licensed reproduction playfield plastics set has been installed. We've made three modifications regarding plastics:

1) The mounting of the two large plastics at the top left and right of the playfield has been changed. These are the pieces over the left inline drop targets, and right 8-ball drop target.

From the factory, Bally mounted these plastics using fifteen 2-inch Philips-head screws that went down through the upper plastic and also through 2 clear plastic ball guides below (3 pieces each side = 6 pieces total). This is a really messy and imprecise setup, as it makes for a lot of work to remove/reinstall these plastics when doing simple maintenance (playfield cleaning, light bulb replacement, rubber ring replacement, etc). And these parts never seem to line up correctly either.

What we've done is to get rid of the fifteen individual screws that originally held all 6 of these pieces together and mount the 4 lower clear plastic pieces (ball guides) to the playfield with studs and spacers. This makes them stay in place when the upper (cover) plastics are removed. The cover plastics are simply held to the tops of the studs with common white nylon cap nuts which are quick-and-easy to remove and re-install. Makes maintenance so much easier! We have to wonder why they didn't do it this way from the factory.
2) The clear ball guide plastics included in the reproduction plastics set are very thin (thinner than factory originals) and just won't hold up to pin balls during play without quickly cracking and breaking.

We had some thicker replacements custom-made from 0.092-inch clear Polycarbonate which are much stronger, and even thicker than factory originals, and will stand up much better to heavy pin balls. 4 of these pieces are used under the 2 large upper plastics to guide the ball.
3) The mounting of the return lane guides at the bottom of the playfield has been "re-imagined".

Originally these were a 2-level assembly with a plastic guide on the bottom that came in contact with the ball, and a stainless steel metal guide on the top which had no contact with the ball.

This factory design has always appeared counter-intuitive to us: the metal guide is typically what you want on the lower portion, to hold up to all the impact from the ball. Plastic guides typically go on top (this is the way Williams did it for many years). We wonder if Bally didn't somehow get this design upside-down from the beginning, and never bothered to correct it.

You may have noticed on most original Eight Ball Deluxe games that this lower plastic guide is always broken, and you'll often see them taped-together, glued, or otherwise creatively repaired or replaced.

We've installed the metal guide on the bottom where it should go, and the plastic guide on top, which serves as a blocker for airborne pin balls that might sneak over the top of the metal guide during very active play. This is the way Williams designed the return lanes on their games for many years, and it's a tried-and-true design.

BACKGLASS: Factory original and in excellent condition. See images above for views of backglass.

CABINET/BACKBOX: Factory original and in excellent condition. This game still retains the original glossy finish to the paint/artwork. A few small nicks/scratches have been carefully touched-up, but overall, this game retains the majority of it's beautiful factory finish. New cabinet gliders have been installed on the cabinet back and backbox underside, replacing the worn and rusted original metal factory gliders.

Coin door and trim have been completely removed, disassembled into every individual component, all fully cleaned, reconditioned, rebuilt or replaced if necessary, including full cleaning and restoration of wiring harness. Game retains it's original Bally/Midway coin door decal in exellent condition. Door is set up to take US quarters, and coin slots and switches are fully working. Game can be operated on coins, or 'free play' (there is no dedicated free play setting on the vintage Bally games, so what we do is set one of the 3 replay (free game) scores to the minimum value (10,000 points), and then manually add credits to the game. So when a game is played, 10,000 points will quickly be passed, and a credit is awarded, which perpetually keeps credits on the game, and in a 'free play' state).

Original legs have been media-blasted and professionally repainted in factory original charcoal metallic color with catalyzed automotive acrylic enamel paint. New leg levelers and leg bolts have been installed. Leg bolts have protective nylon washers under their heads to protect leg paint from wear/tear.

Cabinet interior has been fully stripped of all parts and cleaned. All internal parts fully restored/reconditioned and reassembled including power supply assembly (upgraded), tilt mechanism panel, speaker, ground wiring braid, backbox hardware and latches, and all mounting hardware. All wiring harnesses and sub-harnesses in the game have been removed, hand-cleaned, and re-installed. New flipper buttons and flipper button switches installed in main cabinet.

We have added a connector to the wiring for the replay knocker mechanism in the main cabinet (much like Stern did on their games) which can be unplugged to disable the replay knocker if you don't like the loud KNOCK sound that it makes when you win a free game. Or leave it connected for that true arcade experience.

Score displays are original factory units in very good condition, all fully overhauled and in working order. All circuit boards have been thoroughly overhauled and rebuilt/upgraded as needed. Cabinet and backbox wiring harnesses fully hand-cleaned and reconditioned. New sheet of scratch-free tempered safety glass installed over playfield.

New locks installed on coin door and backbox. Lockdown bar and latch on front of main cabinet have been fully removed, disassembled, cleaned/refinished, and re-installed with new hardware and a new foam seal strip on the underside of the lockdown bar. Ball shooter reconditioned and rebuilt with new parts. New game manual and schematics included.

List of New Parts Installed:

Item: Value:
Legs refinish and paint$85.00
Cabinet rear nylon gliders (4)$3.99
Leg bolts (8)$11.92
Leg bolt protective nylon washers (8)$2.00
Leg levelers- heavy duty (4)$9.96
Flipper buttons (2)$3.98
Flipper switches (2)$20.00
Lockdown bar latch SEMS screws (4)$0.76
Ball shooter external spring$0.69
Ball shooter internal spring$0.95
Ball shooter washers (3)$1.17
Lockdown bar foam seal$3.99
Playfield glass- tempered$99.99
Coin door lock$4.95
Coin door volume control knob$10.49
Backbox LED Lighting Kit$30.70
Backbox lock$4.95
Game manual with schematics (reproduction)$26.11
Misc fuses replaced$2.10
Power supply rectifier diodes - large (4)$5.96
Power supply board cover standoffs (3)$2.67
Power supply board cover- clear plastic$10.00
Power supply board cover high voltage decal (reproduction)$0.79
Wiring harness cable ties - 4-inch (32)$2.24
Wiring harness cable ties - 8-inch (2)$0.28
Regulator board filter capacitor kit$10.73
Regulator board high voltage decal (reproduction)$0.89
MPU board remote-mount battery holder, connector, batteries$7.58
Circuit board mounting standoffs (6)$6.72
Antioxidant for connector pins$2.50
Sound/speech board capacitor kit$26.62
Sound/speech volume control trim pots (2)$4.98
Misc electronics (transistors, resistors, etc)$9.24
Misc connector pins replaced$1.62
Misc connector housings replaced$0.90
New Playfield (reproduction / clearcoated)$913.00
Full LED kit$129.99
LED Adapter Set$63.00
Star rollover button$1.50
Rollover lane guide- blue (3)$7.47
Playfield switch capacitors (11)$5.39
Drop target set w/ decals$60.00
Switch insulator- standup target (6)$7.50
Switch diodes (3)$1.17
Slingshot kicker coil plunger bushing (2)$2.38
Slingshot kicker coil tension washer (2)$1.82
Large flipper bat/shaft (3)$22.77
Pop bumper ring/rods (3)$20.07
Pop bumper metal yokes (3)$3.60
Pop bumper fiber yokes (3)$3.87
Pop bumper skirts (3)$2.97
Pop bumper switch actuator (3)$2.67
Pop bumper Mylar protector rings (3)$10.47
Pop bumper cap set (3pcs)$18.00
Pop bumper cap collar/ring set (3pcs)$17.67
Pop bumper cap screws (6)$1.20
Coil sleeves$5.52
Rubber ring kit$15.70
Mini post- standard (1)$2.99
Mini post- heavy-duty (2)$8.38
Mini post nuts/washers$0.74
Playfield post stud (15)$26.85
Playfield post stud spacer (15)$4.95
Playfield posts- short blue (13)$12.48
Playfield posts- tall blue (18)$18.90
Playfield post screws$0.20
Playfield post t-nuts$0.60
Screened artwork plastics set (reproduction)$174.00
Playfield plastics screws (15)$2.25
Playfield plastics cap nuts (27)$7.83
Flipper rebuild kits (3)$127.11
Upper flipper actuator switch$11.19
Misc hardware (nuts/screws/washers)$17.64
Solenoid expander board relay$23.99
#555 lamp for solenoid expander$0.25
Lamp socket E-120-127 (63)$106.47
Lamp socket 077-5000-00 (20)$27.80
Lamp socket 077-5010-00 (13)$27.30
Lamp socket 077-5026-01$1.59
Lamp socket- horizontal-mount (2)$4.20
New pin ball$2.99
Score & instruction card set (reproduction)$5.00
New Parts Total:$2,350.85

Game Warranty Info:

This game includes a warranty. Click here for game warranty info.

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