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Coil - FL-11629 (Bally/Williams) (USED):

Price: $15.00 each

Status: In Stock
(1 Available)



Part #: FL-11629U
Condition: Used

Used coil for flippers in many Bally/Williams games early 1990s and up. Strong-powered coil. Replaces original blue-label coil. Used for main flippers on some games with long shots and multiple/steep ramps. Replaces # 23-2002-00, Chicago Gaming # T543568, G.A.M.E. # W1274, and Wico # 01-095550. Includes coil sleeve and 2 diodes across solder lugs. Used part in good condition.

NOTE: No returns on Coils & Coil Parts - all sales final.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Attack From Mars, Black Rose, Corvette, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Indianapolis 500, Judge Dredd, Popeye, Scared Stiff, Shadow, Theatre of Magic, Truck Stop, World Cup Soccer '94

    CHICAGO GAMING: Vacation America

    WILLIAMS: Congo, Demolition Man, Dirty Harry, Fish Tales, Flintstones, Getaway, Indiana Jones, Johnny Mnemonic, Junk Yard, Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, No Fear, No Good Gofers, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Terminator 2, White Water

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