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Rolling Tilt Ball Cage (Gottlieb):

Price: $15.00 each

Status: In Stock
(1 Available)



Part #: C-10336
Condition: New
Rolling tilt ball roll cage as used in many older Gottlieb games. Includes B-17543 switch. Ball not included (use # PB1516 sold separately).

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    Used In The Following Games:
    GOTTLIEB: 4 Square, 300, 2001, Abra Ca Dabra, Ace High (1985) (Gottlieb), Alien Star, All Stars, Amazon Hunt, Amazon Hunt II, Amazon Hunt III, Aquarius, Arena, Asteroid Annie and the Aliens, Astro, Atlantis (Gottlieb), Bad Girls, Bank Shot, Barb Wire, Baseball (1970), Batter Up (Gottlieb), Big Brave, Big Hit (Gottlieb), Big House, Big Hurt, Big Indian, Big Shot (Gottlieb), Black Hole, Bonebusters Inc., Bounty Hunter, Bristol Hills, Bronco (Gottlieb), Buccaneer (1976), Buck Rogers, Cactus Jack's, Canada Dry, Capt. Card, Card King, Card Trix, Card Whiz, Car Hop, Caveman, Centigrade 37, Challenger (Gottlieb), Charlies Angels (electronic), Chicago Cubs Triple Play, Circus (Gottlieb), Class of 1812, Cleopatra (electronic), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (electro-mechanical), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (electronic), Count-Down, Counterforce, Crescendo, Cue Ball Wizard, Deadly Weapon, Devils Dare, Diamond Lady, Dimension, Dragon (Gottlieb) (electro-mechanical), Dragon (Gottlieb) (electronic), Drop-A-Card, Duotron, Eclipse, El Dorado (1975), El Dorado City of Gold, Excalibur, Extra Inning, Eye of the Tiger, Far Out, Fast Draw, Fire Queen, Flip-A-Card, Flying Carpet, Force II, Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Free Fall (Gottlieb), Galaxie, Gemini, Genesis, Genie, Gladiators, Goin Nuts, Golden Arrow, Gold Strike, Gold Wings, Grand Slam (1972) (Gottlieb), Gridiron (Gottlieb), Groovy, Haunted House, High Hand, High Seas, Hit the Deck, Hollywood Heat, Home Run (Gottlieb), Hoops, Hot Shot (1973), Hot Shots, Ice Fever, Incredible Hulk, Jack in the Box, Jacks Open, Jacks to Open, James Bond 007, Jet Spin, Joker Poker (electro-mechanical), Joker Poker (electronic), Jumping Jack (Gottlieb), Jump Shot, Jungle (1972), Jungle King, Jungle Life, Jungle Princess, Jungle Queen, Kicker (Gottlieb), King Kool, King Pin (1973) (Gottlieb), King Rock, Knockout (Gottlieb), Krull, Lawman, Lucky Card, Lucky Hand, Lucky Strike (Gottlieb), Magic Wizard, Magnotron, Mario Andretti, Mars God of War, Mini Cycle, Monte Carlo (Gottlieb), Mustang (Gottlieb), Neptune, New York, Now, Operation Thunder, Orbit, Outer Space, Out of Sight, Panthera, Pin-Up, Pinball Pool, Pink Panther, Pioneer, Play Ball (Gottlieb), Play Pool, Polo, Pop-A-Card, Poseidon, Pro-Football, Pro Pool, Psychedelic, Punk, Pyramid, Q*Berts Quest, Quick Draw, Rack Em Up, Raven, Ready Aim Fire, Rescue 911, Robo War, Rock, Rock Encore, Rock Star, Rocky, Roller Coaster (Gottlieb), Roller Disco, Royal Flush (1976), Royal Flush Deluxe, Royal Pair, Scuba, Shaq Attaq, Sheriff, Ship Ahoy, Silver Slugger, Sinbad (electro-mechanical), Sinbad (electronic), Sky Dive, Sky Jump, Snow Derby (Gottlieb), Snow Queen, Soccer (1975) (Gottlieb), Solar City, Solar Ride (electronic), Space Orbit, Space Walk, Spider-Man (Gottlieb), Spin Out (Gottlieb), Spirit, Spirit of 76, Spot Pool (Gottlieb), Spring Break, Stargate, Star Race, Star Trek (Gottlieb), Stock Car, Strange World, Street Fighter II, Striker (Gottlieb), Super Bowl, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World, Super Orbit, Super Soccer, Super Spin, Sure Shot, Surf 'n Safari, Surf Champ, Surfer, Tag Team, Target Alpha, Team One, Tee'd Off, Ten Up, Texas Ranger, The Games, Tiger, Time Line, Title Fight, TKO, Top Card, Top Hand (Gottlieb), Top Score, Torch, Totem, Touchdown (Gottlieb), TX Sector, Vegas (Gottlieb), Victory, Volcano, Volley, Vulcan, Waterworld, Wild Life, Wipeout, Wizard (Gottlieb), World Challenge Soccer, World Series

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