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Bell - 4-Inch Diameter - Chrome:

Price: $23.00 each

Status: In Stock
(3 Available)



Part #: BELL4
Condition: New
Chrome 4-inch diameter bell. Used in many makes/models of electro-mechanical (EM) pinball and other arcade games, as well as a few later-model electronic solid-state (SS) games, too. Replaces bell on Williams assembly #s B-8460, C-8461, C-8461-1, and others.

Mounting hole in center goes over stud on existing bell mechanism in your game, or mount with screws/washers as required. Best to use a nylon-insert lock nut for mounting (see additional items below)- this leaves the bell slightly loose so that it has a nice ring to it when struck by the mechanism.

Many games used different size bells- before ordering, please measure your old bell, or mechanism (and room around it) to make sure this size bell will fit and work properly in your game.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Deluxe Fun Cruise, Fun Cruise

    WILLIAMS: Black Knight, Jungle Lord, Pharaoh, Solar Fire

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