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Flipper Assembly - Left (Bally) w/ AQ-25-500/34-4500 Coil (SEE NOTES):

Price: $90.99 each

Status: In Stock
(1 Available)



Part #: ASE-1587-101-A
Condition: New
Complete left side flipper assembly used on most early Bally electronic solid-state (SS) pinball games approx. 1977 to late 1980 (see game listing below).

  1. Does not fit on all Bally games. Please make sure your game is listed below before ordering.
  2. Includes our flipper rebuild kit instructions to help you see how most parts go together and how to properly adjust after installation.
  3. Includes AQ-25-500/34-4500 coil.
  4. Does not include flipper bat/shaft. Order # A-3994-5 separately if you need flipper bat/shaft.
  5. Games with more than 2 flippers may require the addition of an outer EOS switch # ASW-A10-45, as well as 2 longer screws # HWR02-020510 to secure both switches on this flipper assembly.
  6. Customer is responsible for proper installation, wiring, and adjustment. We do not provide technical assistance with parts.

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    Used In The Following Games: (The list below may not be complete, and it's accuracy is not guaranteed. Contact us if you have any questions.)
    BALLY: Black Jack (electronic), Dolly Parton, Eight Ball, Evel Knievel (electronic), Future Spa, Harlem Globetrotters, KISS (Bally), Lost World, Mata Hari (electronic), Night Rider (electronic), Nitro Ground Shaker, Paragon, Playboy, Power Play, Silverball Mania, Six Million Dollar Man, Skateball, Space Invaders, Star Trek, Strikes and Spares, Supersonic, Voltan

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