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Outhole Kicker Plunger & Link Assembly - Plastic Link:

Price: $15.19 each

Status: Special-order item. (Contact us for ordering info.)
Part #: A-8335-1
Condition: New
Ball outhole kicker coil plunger and link assembly. New aftermarket replacement which uses 1 single plastic link instead of original 2 bakelite links.

Used on most all Williams games from mid-1960s to approx. 1994, and Bally games approx. 1987-1994. Part of kicker assembly #s A-8039-3 and B-8039. Can also be used on early Data East games that use similar design. Works in place of Data East # 515-5473-00 and Wico # 04-193600.

Includes coil plunger # 02-2364, link # 01-4251, roll pin # 20-8716-5.

Just need the linkage? Order two (2) of part # 01-4251-B (original bakelite), or one (1) of part # 01-4251 (aftermarket plastic).

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Addams Family, Addams Family Gold, Dr. Dude, Doctor Who, Gilligan's Island, Twilight Zone, more

    WILLIAMS: Black Knight, Blackout, Firepower, Flash, Funhouse, Getaway, High Speed, more

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    Outhole Kicker Plunger & Link Assembly - Plastic Link
    Part # A-8335-1
    $15.19 each

    Link - Outhole Kicker - Original Bakelite (Bally/Williams) (2 Required Per Game)
    Part # 01-4251-B
    $1.39 each

    Link - Outhole Kicker - White Plastic (Bally/Williams)
    Part # 01-4251
    $4.00 each

    E-Clip - 1/4-Inch
    Part # ECLIP1/4
    $0.25 each

    Spring - Outhole Kicker Plunger Return (Bally/Williams)
    Part # 10-101-4
    $1.05 each

    Coil Sleeve - 1-3/4 Inch x 7/16 Inch ID (Standard)
    Part # 03-7066
    $0.69 each

    Coil - AE-23-800 (Bally/Williams)
    Part # AE-23-800
    $16.79 each