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Flipper Bushing (Gottlieb):


Status: Out of Stock - Discontinued  more info...
Part #: A-2408
Condition: New
Discontinued - use # 03-6014 as replacement.

Flipper bushing used on some older Gottlieb electro-mechanical (EM) games.

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    Used In The Following Games: (The list below may not be complete, and it's accuracy is not guaranteed. Contact us if you have any questions.)
    GOTTLIEB: 4 Square, 300, 2001, Abra Ca Dabra, All Stars, Aquarius, Astro, Atlantis (Gottlieb), Bank Shot, Baseball (1970), Batter Up (Gottlieb), Big Brave, Big Indian, Big Shot (Gottlieb), Bristol Hills, Buccaneer (1976), Capt. Card, Card King, Card Trix, Card Whiz, Challenger (Gottlieb), Crescendo, Dimension, Drop-A-Card, Duotron, El Dorado (1975), Extra Inning, Far Out, Fast Draw, Flip-A-Card, Flying Carpet, Free Fall (Gottlieb), Galaxie, Gold Strike, Grand Slam (1972 Gottlieb), Groovy, High Hand, Home Run (Gottlieb), Hot Shot (1973), Jack in the Box, Jumping Jack (Gottlieb), Jump Shot, Jungle (1972), Jungle King, Jungle Life, King Kool, King Pin (1973 Gottlieb), King Rock, Lawman, Lucky Strike (Gottlieb), Magic Wizard, Magnotron, Mibs, Mini Cycle, Now, Orbit, Outer Space, Out of Sight, Pin-Up, Pioneer, Playball, Play Pool, Polo, Pop-A-Card, Pro-Football, Pro Pool, Psychedelic, Quick Draw, Road Race, Roller Coaster (Gottlieb), Royal Flush (1976), Royal Pair, Scuba, Sheriff, Ship Ahoy, Skipper, Sky Dive, Sky Jump, Snow Derby (Gottlieb), Snow Queen, Soccer (1975 Gottlieb), Space Orbit, Spin Out (Gottlieb), Spirit of 76, Spot Pool (Gottlieb), Star Trek (Gottlieb), Stock Car, Super Bowl, Super Soccer, Sure Shot, Ten Up, Texas Ranger, Tiger, Top Card, Top Hand (Gottlieb), Top Score, Wild Life, Wizard (Gottlieb), World Series

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