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Coil - A-16890 (Gottlieb):

Price: $17.69 each

Status: In Stock
(3 Available)

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Part #: A-16890
Condition: New
Relay-type coil used in Gottlieb solid-state pinball games for constant-duty applications such as hold relay, coin door lockout, etc. 227 ohms. Also replaces Gottlieb #s A-9617, A-9641, and A-11058. Also replaces Wico # 03-314800.

Available with or without diode across solder lugs (select above when ordering- ships without diode by default.)

NOTE: No returns on Coils & Coil Parts - all sales final.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    GOTTLIEB: Alien Star, Amazon Hunt, Arena, Asteroid Annie, Bad Girls, Barb Wire, Big House, Big Hurt, Black Hole, Bonebusters Inc., Bounty Hunter, Buck Rogers, Cactus Jack's, Caribbean Cruise, Caveman, Charlie's Angels, Chicago Cubs Triple Play, Circus, Class of 1812, Cleopatra, Close Encounters, Count-Down, Counterforce, Cue Ball Wizard, Devil's Dare, Diamond Lady, Dragon, Eclipse, El Dorado City of Gold, Excalibur, Force II, Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Genesis, Genie, Gladiators, Gold Wings, Haunted House, Hollywood Heat, Hoops, Hot Shots, Ice Fever, Incredible Hulk, Jacks to Open (1984), James Bond 007, Joker Poker, Mario Andretti, Mars God of War, Monte Carlo, Night Moves, Operation Thunder, Panthera, Punk, Q*Bert's Quest, Rack 'Em Up, Raven, Ready Aim Fire, Rescue 911, Robo War, Rock, Rock Encore, Rocky, Roller Disco, Royal Flush Deluxe, Shaq Attaq, Sinbad, Solar Ride, Spider-Man, Spirit, Spring Break, Stargate, Star Race, Street Fighter 2, Striker, Strikes & Spares, Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World, Super Orbit, Tag Team, Tee'd Off, The Games, Time Line, Torch, Totem, Touchdown, TX Sector, Victory, Volcano, Waterworld, Wipeout, World Challenge Soccer

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