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Ball Gate Assembly - 1-Way - RIGHT (Bally):


Status: Out of Stock - Discontinued  more info...
Part #: A-1475-9
Condition: New
Discontinued - use # A-1475-9-10 as replacement.

One-way ball gate assembly as used on top arch on playfield of many vintage Bally games. May also be used on other makes/models. RIGHT side gate- mounts on right side of top arch. Occasionally used in some other locations on some games.

Replaces discontinued gate assembly # A-1475-16 (wide flap).

NOTE ON CONDITION: Limited supply remaining- these are factory-original unused (NOS) parts made by Bally in the 1970s and early 1980s. They are obsolete and not being made anymore. This particular gate assembly (right) has a darker-colored metal flap on it than the corresponding left-side gates that we have, so if you are buying as a pair, they will not match exactly in shade of the metal parts used. This does not matter to most people, but if you have a high-end restoration or show-piece that you are wanting these for, they may not meet the standards you need. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us before ordering.

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    Used In The Following Games: (The list below may not be complete, and it's accuracy is not guaranteed. Contact us if you have any questions.)
    BALLY: Beat the Clock, Black Jack, Black Pyramid, Bow and Arrow, Capt. Fantastic, Captain Fantastic Home Model, Centaur, Centaur II, City Slicker, Eight Ball, Eight Ball Champ, Eight Ball Deluxe, Evel Knievel, Evel Knievel Home Model, Fathom, Fireball Home Model, Fireball II, Frontier, Future Spa, Galaxy Ranger, Goldball, Grand Slam, Harlem Globetrotters, Kings of Steel, Lady Luck, Lost World, Mystic, Night Rider, Nitro Ground Shaker, Paragon, Playboy, Rolling Stones, Six Million Dollar Man, Skateball, Speakeasy, Speakeasy 4, Star Trek, Strikes and Spares, Viking, Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom, Xenon, more

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