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Red Flipper Rubber Ring - Small - Beaded (Gottlieb):

Price: $2.13 each

Status: In Stock
(81 Available)



Part #: A-13149
Condition: New
Small 1-inch inner-diameter red rubber ring with internal bead for some later-model (March 1975 & up) Gottlieb games with small 2-inch flippers. Measures 1-inch ID x 3/8-inch tall x 3/16-inch thick. Also replaces Gottlieb # 38-13149.

This small ring has an internal bead which fits in the middle groove on the original small flippers used on Gottlieb games from March 1975 and up- typically late-model electro-mechanical (EM) and solid-state electronic (SS) games (see game listing below).

NOTE: Earlier (pre-March 1975) electro-mechanical games with 2-inch flippers will typically use just a single 1-inch round rubber ring instead of this ring. Please verify the type of flippers your game has before ordering, or contact us first if you are not sure. Be aware that some games may have had flippers swapped with older/newer parts over the decades, so may not be original, and may not accomodate this ring.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    GOTTLIEB: Bonebusters Inc., Canada Dry, Chicago Cubs Triple Play, Circus, Count-Down, El Dorado, El Dorado City of Gold, Excalibur, Genie, Gold Strike, Haunted House, Hollywood Heat, Joker Poker, Jungle Princess, Jungle Queen, Lucky Strike, Pin-Up, Rock, Rock Encore, Shaq Attaq, Solar City, Space Walk, Spirit, Spring Break, Target Alpha, Tee'd Off, Time Line, Title Fight, Victory

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