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Link - Flipper Coil Plunger - Tapered (Sega/Stern):

Price: $1.09 each

Status: In Stock
(24 Available)



Part #: 545-5611-01
Condition: New
Replacement plastic flipper plunger linkage. For late-model Sega and Stern Pinball games, late 1990s to present. Commonly worn or broken on most used games. Replaces Data East, Sega, and Stern Pinball #s 545-5611-00, 545-5401-00, and 530-5570-00.

Measures 1-5/16 inches long, 3/4 inches wide, 5/32 inches thick. Small hole is 5/32 inch diameter. Large hole is 5/16 inch diameter. Approx. 3/4 inch between holes, center-to-center.

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    Used In The Following Games: (The list below may not be complete, and it's accuracy is not guaranteed. Contact us if you have any questions.)
    SEGA: Lost World Jurassic Park, Space Jam, Star Wars Trilogy, X-Files, more

    STERN: AC/DC, Avatar, Harley Davidson, Monopoly, Mustang, NFL (all teams), Roller Coaster Tycoon, Spide-Man, Star Trek, Striker Xtreme, more

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