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Rubber Grommet - Coil Plunger Rest:

Price: $0.40 each

Status: In Stock
(63 Available)



Part #: 23-6420
Condition: New
Rubber grommet for coil brackets which serves as a rest for the coil plunger. Found on such devices as replay knockers, bells, chimes, up-kickers, kickbacks, auto-launchers, and similar devices. Also replaces Bally # R-111-31 and Williams #s 20A-8949 and 38-6420.

A: 1/4 inch
B: 3/32 inch
C: 1/8 inch
D: 3/8 inch
E: 3/8 inch

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    Used In The Following Games: (The list below may not be complete, and it's accuracy is not guaranteed. Contact us if you have any questions.)
    BALLY: 4 Queens, Air Aces, Aladdin's Castle, Amigo, Bali-Hi, Big Show, Big Valley, Black Jack, Bon Voyage, Boomerang, Bow and Arrow, Bowl-O, Camelot, Capt. Fantastic, Champ, Circus, Delta Queen, Double-Up, Eight Ball, El Toro, Evel Knievel, Expressway, Fireball, Firecracker, Flicker (1975), Flip Flop, Fore, Four Million B.C., Freedom, Galahad, Hang Glider, Hi Deal, Hi-Lo Ace, Hokus Pokus, Kick Off, King Rex, King Tut, Knockout, Little Joe, Mariner, Mata Hari, Monte Carlo, Night Rider, Nip-It, Odds & Evens, Old Chicago, Power Play, Quarterback, Red Max, Ro Go, Round Up, Sea Ray, See-Saw, Sky Kings, Skyrocket, Slap Stick, Space Time, Strikes and Spares, Time Tunnel, Time Zone, Trail Drive, Twin Win, Vampire, Voltan, Wizard!, Zip-a-Doo

    WILLIAMS: 3 Jokers, 4 Aces, Aces & Kings, Algar, Alien Poker, Argosy, Aztec, Big Ben, Big Deal (1977), Big Star, Big Time, Black Gold, Blackout, Blue Chip, Contact, Darling, Dealer's Choice, Dipsy Doodle, Disco Fever, Doodle Bug, Fan-Tas-Tic, Firepower, Flash, Fun-Fest, Gay 90's, Gold Rush, Gorgar, Granada, Grand Prix, Gulfstream, High Ace, Honey, Hot Tip, Jackpot, Jive Time, Jubilee, Laser Ball, Liberty Bell, Little Chief, Love Bug, Lucky Ace, Lucky Seven, Olympic Hockey, Klondike, OXO, Pat Hand, Phoenix, Planets, Pokerino, Rancho, Rock N Roll, Satin Doll, Scorpion, Skylab, Solids N' Stripes, Space Mission, Space Odyssey, Spacelab, Spanish Eyes, Star Action, Star Pool, Stardust, Stellar Wars, Straight Flush, Strato-Flite, Strike Zone, Summer Time, Super Star, Super-Flite, Swinger, Time Warp, Toledo, Travel Time, Tri Zone, Triple Action, Triple Strike, Tropic Fun, Valencia, Wild Card, Winner, World Cup, Yukon, Yukon Special, Zodiac

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