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Shaker Motor Kit (Aftermarket Replacement) - Stern SAM System Games (Rev B):

Price: $139.95 each

Status: Out of Stock
Part #: 100-0019-00
Condition: New
Complete shaker motor installation kit for use with many Stern S.A.M. system pinball games (see game listing below). This is an aftermarket kit that replaces factory kit numbers 502-5027-00-01 and 502-5027-00 Rev. B. Requires mounting of motor assembly and driver PCB inside main cabinet, and routing/connecting of wiring harness to motor, PCB, and to existing wiring harness inside game, or to backbox circuit boards, depending on how your game came from the factory.

This kit includes:
  • Shaker motor
  • Shaker motor mounting bracket
  • Mounting template
  • Shaker motor cover
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Cable ties
  • Driver PCB
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

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    Used In The Following Games:
    STERN: 24, AC/DC LE Back In Black, AC/DC LE Let There be Rock, AC/DC Luci, AC/DC Premium, AC/DC Pro, AC/DC Vault Premium, Avatar, Avatar Limited Edition, Avengers LE Blue, Avengers LE Hulk, Avengers Pro, Batman the Dark Knight (Stern), Big Buck Hunter Pro, CSI, Elvis, Elvis Gold, Indiana Jones (Stern), Iron Man, Lord of the Rings LE, Metallica LE Master of Puppets, Metallica Premium, Metallica Pro, Mustang LE 50 Year (Stern), Mustang Premium (Stern), Mustang Pro (Stern), NBA (Stern), Rolling Stones (Stern), Rolling Stones LE (Stern), Spider-Man (Stern), Spider-Man LE (Stern), Star Trek LE (Stern), Star Trek Premium (Stern), Star Trek Pro (Stern), Transformers, Transformers Combo LE, Transformers LE Autobot, Transformers LE Decepticon, TRON: Legacy, TRON: Legacy LE, Walking Dead LE, Walking Dead Premium, Walking Dead Pro, X-Men Magneto LE, X-Men Pro, X-Men Wolverine LE

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