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Coil - 090-5074-03 (29-1400):

Price: $27.79 each

Status: Out of Stock
Part #: 090-5074-03
Condition: New
Mini solenoid with wire leads. Used on Pirates of the Caribbean sinking ship assembly. Releases the ship's sails when they are in the down (lowered) position. Controlled by Q28 MOSFET on cpu/driver board in backbox.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your ship's sails are not popping back up, don't automatically suspect that this coil is bad. The main problem for this coil not working is worn-out wires that go through the ship assembly and connect to this coil. These wires wear out from flexing back-and-forth frequently each time the ship moves, and will fail after a moderate amount of use. The metal wire inside the wire insulation is what wears out and breaks, so if you have this problem, your wires may 'look' fine on the outside, but be open or intermittent inside due to wear and tear.

On every game we have repaired that had this problem, worn-out wires were the cause. We have even had to do it more than once on some heavily-used games. Removing the ship assembly and replacing the wires that run through the assembly to this coil will cure this problem in most cases.

Be sure to test continuity through your coil to verify that it is good. If open, you should of course replace the coil, but be aware that we do not take back electronic parts (including coils)- all sales are final.

NOTE: No returns on Coils & Coil Parts - all sales final.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    STERN: Pirates of the Caribbean

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