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Addams Family (Bally) Bookcase Base (SEE NOTES):

Price: $22.99 each

Status: In Stock


Part #: 03-8623
Condition: New
Round blue plastic bookcase base for Addams Family pinball. Commonly cracked/broken on most used games. New aftermarket replacement part.

  • These reproduction pieces have 3 very small slight dimples on the top side which are located over the screw studs on the bottom side (very small- not visible in photo). This is a natural artifact of the plastic injection-molding process, and is purely cosmetic (will not interfere with game operation).
  • Some customers have suggested that there are tiny hairline cracks around some of the mounting holes on these new reproduction parts. These are actually streaks from the flowing of the plastic dye color that occur during the injection-molding process, and are not flaws in the structure of the part. Also very small, and are not visible in photo.
  • If you are intending to use this piece on an extremely high-end restoration or museum piece, the above issues may not meet your standards, so do not purchase if this is the case.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Addams Family

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