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Mounting Plate - Ball Shooter Housing (Bally/Williams):


Status: Out of Stock - Discontinued  more info...
Part #: 01-3535
Condition: New
Discontinued - occasionally available used (part # U944. Or use Stern # 535-5027-01 as alternate replacement.

Ball shooter housing mounting plate used on Williams games with manual ball shooter, mid 1960s to 1999, and Bally games late 1980s to 1999. Can also be used as standard replacement for some other makes and models as well. Measures 2 inches square, by 1/16 inch thick.

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    Used In The Following Games: (The list below may not be complete, and it's accuracy is not guaranteed. Contact us if you have any questions.)
    BALLY: Addams Family, Addams Family Gold, Black Rose, Bugs Bunnys Birthday Ball, Cactus Canyon, Cirqus Voltaire, Corvette, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Dr. Dude, Gilligans Island, Harley Davidson (Bally), Party Zone, Radical!, Safe Cracker, Scared Stiff, Theatre of Magic, Twilight Zone, WhoDunnit, World Cup Soccer '94

    CHICAGO GAMING: Vacation America

    WILLIAMS: A-Go-Go, Barracora, Big Chief, Big Deal (1977), Black Knight, Black Knight 2000, Blackout, Congo, Contact, Cosmic Gunfight, Disco Fever, Firepower, Firepower II, Flash, Fun-Fest, Funhouse, Gay 90's, Gold Rush (Williams), Gorgar, Hot Tip (electro-mechanical), Hot Tip (electronic), Hurricane, JackBot, Jackpot, Jolly Roger, Junk Yard, Klondike, Little Chief, Lucky Seven (electro-mechanical), Lucky Seven (electronic), Machine: Bride of PinBot, No Good Gofers, Phoenix (1978), PinBot, Riverboat Gambler, Road Show, Space Mission, Space Odyssey, Star Wars: Episode 1, Stellar Wars, Super Star (Williams), Swinger, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Time Fantasy, Time Warp, Tri Zone, Whirlwind, White Water, World Cup, Yukon

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