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Featured Items:

Theatre of Magic (Bally) Playfield Plastic - Lower Left (NOS)
$15.00 each

An Introduction to Bally Flipper Games Manual - 1st Edition

Car License Plate Frame - Pinball Wizard
SALE! $2.00 each

Pop Bumper Base - White (Bally)

Lamp Socket - Bayonet Vertical - 1 Lug (Bally)
$1.59 each

Capacitor - 160uF 150v Axial Lead

Swords of Fury (Williams) Upper Wireform Ramp Assembly
$75.00 each

1/4-Amp Fuse - Fast-Blow (AGC) 1-1/4 x 1/4 Inch
$0.50 each

Coil - AK-27-1300 (Bally)
$18.89 each

Rollover Switch (Offset) & Bracket Assembly (Bally/Williams) (SEE NOTE)

330-ohm Resistor - 7-Watt - Ceramic

Hotdoggin (Bally) Drop Target Decal Set (10pcs)
$12.50 set

Tri Zone (Williams) Rubber Ring Kit
$17.26 each

Barracora (Williams) Game ROM Chip IC14 L-1

Star Gazer (Stern) Rubber Ring Kit

Drop Target Reset Plunger / Armature - Single Drop Target (Bally/Williams)
$10.79 each

Hole Plug Assembly - Pushbutton / Cabinet (Stern)
$2.00 each

Screw - #6-32 x 1-5/8 HWH MS (Zinc) (Bally/Williams)

Police Force (Williams) Spinning Target Decal Set (2pcs)
$7.59 pair

Addams Family Values (Midway) Game Manual (ORIGINAL)
$20.00 each

Cabinet Ventilation Grille - Metal (Williams) (USED)
$15.00 each

Funhouse / Road Show (Williams) Rudy / Red / Ted Jaw Motor
$75.59 each

Biff Bar Installation Kit - 3pcs (Bally/Williams) (SEE NOTE)

Indiana Jones (Williams) Game Manual

Dr. Dude (Bally) Game Manual & Schematics - System 11 Boardset Games