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Featured Items:

Ripleys Believe it or Not! (Stern) Pop Bumper Cap Decal
$1.00 each

Power Switch - Pushbutton On/Off w/ Black Knob
$8.95 each

Car License Plate Frame - Pinball Wizard
SALE! $2.00 each

Fuse Holder for 5mm x 20mm Fuses - PCB Mount Type
$2.20 each

Cliffy Shooter Lane Protector
$14.50 each

Slugfest 92 (Williams) Roller Drive Arm
$6.00 each

Flipper Rebuild Kit - Right Side Only - Bally/Williams Games 1988-1991

Pop Bumper Leaf Switch (Data East)

Saucer / Eject Hole Plastic Base - White
$4.19 each

Pop Bumper Switch and Bracket (Brunswick)
$12.53 each

Flipper Return Lane Guide - Left or Right - Orange Plastic (Data East)

Juke Box (Chicago Coin) Rubber Ring Kit

Bubble Level Vial (Bally/Williams)
$4.75 each

X-Files (Sega) Trap Door Shaft Pin # 2 530-5453-01
$2.50 each

Standup Target - Narrow Oblong 3D - Green (Data East)

Meteor (Stern) ROM Chips

Bullseye 301 (Grand Products) ROM Chips

Coil - 090-5002-00 (24-900)

Header Pin Connector - 12-Position - 0.156 Inch Spacing
$1.42 each

NBA Fastbreak (Bally) Center Ramp Assembly

Microswitch with Blade Actuator 2-1/2 Inch (Bally/Williams)

Drop Target - White w/ Blue Star Decal - Wide Top (Bally)

Flipper Assembly - Left w/ 090-5020-20T Coil (Stern)

Dragon (Interflip) Rubber Ring Kit
$14.72 each

Post - Narrow - Transparent Clear 1-3/16 Inch Tall
$1.25 each