Image Listing - Eight Ball Deluxe 4691
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Overall view.
Full playfield view.
Lower playfield view. Game has repainted score card holder (apron) and shooter gauge, both with new artwork decals. New score and instruction cards installed.
All new playfield plastics, blue plastic posts, flipper bats. Full modern LED lighting kit installed.
Center playfield with LED lighting.
All new reproduction drop targets with original-style hotstamped artwork installed. All new rubber rings.
Brand new rollover lane guides. Fully rebuilt pop bumpers with new bumper caps and protective Mylar rings.
Mounting of the 2 large upper plastics has been custom-modified with new hardware parts for easier removal/installation for maintenance (see Game Condition & Details for more info).
New nylon cap nuts and screws on all plastics. New heavy-duty mini posts installed (3 total).
7-bank drop targets. Fully rebuilt unit with new switch capacitors, wiring, fische paper insulators, and more.
Comparison between clear plastics (ball guides) from aftermarket reproduction plastics set and much thicker custom-made Polycarbonate clear plastics that we had manufactured for this game. Four clear plastic ball guides are used on this game, and standard aftermarket pieces just won't hold up to pin balls during play and will quickly chip and break. New Polycarbonate pieces are even thicker (0.093-inch) than factory originals, so will hold up much better, and last much longer, than both aftermarket repros and factory pieces.
Lower playfield- underside. Original troublesome wedge-base lamp sockets have all been replaced with easier-to-use bayonet sockets, all throughout the entire playfield. All mechanisms fully reconditioned/rebuilt with new parts where needed.
Lower playfield- underside. Wiring harness fully removed, cleaned by hand, and reinstalled. All switches that use them have new capacitors installed.
Middle playfield- underside. Cable connectors have been added to 7-bank drop target unit for easy service removal/installation.
Upper playfield- underside.
Pop bumpers have been fully cleaned, rebuilt, and reconditioned.
Cabinet left side. Full professional cabinet repaint. New stainless steel side rails and retaining twist nails. New flipper buttons.
Cabinet right side. Legs repainted in original factory color. New leg bolts, leg bolt plates, levelers, and protector pads.
Cabinet front. Coin door fully disassembled, cleaned, rebuilt. New lock and Bally logo decal installed.
Rear of game. New nylon gliders installed on back of main cabinet and underside of backbox, to replace worn factory gliders. New original-style grounded power cord installed.
Backbox left side.
Backbox right side. New backbox lock installed.
Backglass is factory-original and in excellent condition.
Back side of factory-original backglass.
Coin door interior. Every individual component of the coin door and it's frame were removed during the restoration and cleaned/reconditioned and rebuilt. Door has working coin switches for operation. Fully-working quarter and dollar coin acceptors are installed.
Main cabinet interior. Fully reconditioned, repainted, and all individual components cleaned and restored. Power supply rebuilt. Coin box & lid are missing, and are not included with game.
Power supply in main cabinet has been fully reconditioned and rebuilt with new parts where needed. A new reproduction clear plastic protective cover for the fuses & components has been installed, along with new mounting clips.
Detail- tilt mech panel. All parts fully rebuilt/reconditioned, and includes a new disc capacitor for the plumb bob tilt switch (common failure part).
Front cabinet interior. New flipper buttons and switches installed. All parts reconditioned.
Lockdown bar latch. Fully restored with new hardware. Lockdown bar underside has been restored along with new foam seal strip.
Backbox insert panel. Brand new modern LED score displays installed along with LED lighting.
Original circuit boards all fully cleaned and reconditioned/upgraded where necessary. 100% working. We have painstakingly reproduced all of the settings/adjustments cards on the top and sides of the backbox interior. These are all new cards with no stains, tears, or other wear/tear. Nice finishing touch.
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