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Twilight Zone - Sound Board Interface Error (9.2 or 9.4H roms)

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Information on Possible Sound Board Error Message When Updating ROM Chips for Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone machines may produce a false sound board error message after upgrading the game ROM chip (U6) on the MPU board. This has been noted with game ROM revisions 9.2 and 9.4H, when used with sound ROM revisions L-2. Your game will not suffer any damage if this error message appears.

The error message is "sound board error" or "sound board interface error", and may be displayed after the new game ROM chip is installed, and the game powered up.

You may or may not get this error message on your game. The error message appears to be ambiguous- the game will still function 100% and you shouldn't find any other errors or problems.

Some steps that may clear the error message:
- Power cycling the game: Turn your game off, wait 10 seconds, and back on.
- Remove and carefully reseat *all* ribbon cable connectors in the backbox.
- Make sure sound ROM chips U14, U15, U18 are seated firmly in their sockets on the sound board.
- Make sure game ROM U6 is seated firmly in its socket on the MPU board.
- Make sure the custom PLCC chip (U9) is seated firmly on the MPU board. If you have a PLCC chip extractor tool, you may want to remove and re-install this chip to improve connections.
There have been a few cases where the error message will not go away even after trying the above suggestions.

If the problem persists, you may choose to either live with the error message, or revert back to your old game ROM chip. Altenatively, you may also change your sound ROM chip (U18) to the original L-1 revision. Only differences between L-1 and L-2 sound are just some volume adjustments to some of the sound effects, so no considerable differences will be apparent.

We have most revisions of Twilight Zone game ROM, and both revisions of sound ROM chips available, if you require a replacement. Click here to see our ROM Chips Page for more info.

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