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Addams Family to Addams Family Gold ROM Conversion
Note: We stock these, and other custom and unique ROM chips listed on our ROM Chips page.

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    It is possible to convert your regular Addams Family pinball to run Addams Family Gold game and sound ROMs.

    Three new ROM chips are required- the Addams Gold game ROM, and two sound ROM chips. These chips will replace the chips currently in your game.

    Old chips (regular Addams) removed are:
    • Game ROM U6 (on MPU board)
    • Sound ROM U18 (on MPU board)
    New chips (Addams Gold) installed are:
    • Game ROM U6, revision LX3 (or 'home' version H-3) (on MPU board)
    • Sound ROM U15, revision L-1 (on MPU board)
    • Sound ROM U18, revision L-1 (on MPU board)
    Installing Gold ROMs will enable some additional features, sounds, and display effects to your game. The only feature that cannot be used is the Extra Ball buy-in button. Addams Gold machines had this button installed under the plunger on front right side of cabinet. Regular Addams machines had no such button. It is possible to install the button in your game, but we don't recommend making the modification- it can adversely affect the value of your game.

    All Addams Family Gold game play rules, features, sound effects, and display effects will be present after installing Gold ROMs in your regular Addams Game. No other modifications are necessary.

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