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Item Playfield Parts - Mechanical:

Status: Available
No item description.

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    Service Outlet - Cabinet Power
    $3.95 each

    Capacitor - 100uF 160v Radial Lead
    $1.99 each

    Car License Plate Frame - Playing Pinball
    SALE! $3.50 each

    Mounting Bracket (Bally) (USED)
    $2.50 each

    Coil - A-26-1100 (Bally)
    $9.99 each

    Goldeneye (Sega) GAL Chip IC1 for Magnet Processor Board
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    Shooter Lane Switch Assembly (Bally/Williams)

    Coil - B-25-925 (Bally)
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    Gridiron (Gottlieb) Rubber Ring Kit
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    Addams Family (Bally) Pop Bumper Cap - Clear
    $6.00 each

    Viper Night Drivin (Sega) Game Manual
    $30.00 each

    No Good Gofers (Williams) Sales Flyer - Original
    $7.50 each

    Post - Clear 1 Inch - Single-Ring (USED)
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    Jacks to Open (Gottlieb) Rubber Ring Kit
    $16.41 each

    Fuse Holder for 1/4 x 1-1/4 Fuses- Solder Lug Type
    $1.75 each

    Harley Davidson (Sega/Stern) Motorcycle Model - Road King
    $19.95 each

    Swords of Fury (Williams) 2-Inch White Flipper Bat/Shaft

    White Water (Williams) Whirlpool Ramp (USED)
    $99.00 each

    Baywatch (Sega) ROM Chips
    $12.00 each

    3.3k-ohm Resistor Network - 10-pin Bussed
    $1.50 each

    Play Meter Bulletin - March 1979 (ORIGINAL)
    $7.50 each

    Button - Red Flipper / Start (Williams)

    PinBot (Williams) Rubber Ring Kit
    $27.72 each

    Coil Plunger Guide Bracket - RIGHT (Bally / Midway)
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    Wizard! (Bally) Rubber Ring Kit
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