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Getaway (Williams) Cabinet Decal Set - Full Set (5pcs):

Price: $300.00 set

Status: In Stock
(1 Available)



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Part #: PDG410
Condition: New
Reproduction cabinet decal set for Williams The Getaway: High Speed II pinball. Set consists of 5 pieces- 2 main cabinet side decals, 1 backbox left decal, 1 backbox right decal, and 1 main cabinet front decal.

INSTALLATION NOTE: This set comes with a protective masking over the printed artwork to protect it from scratches and scuffs. Masking peels off without harming artwork (see additional image below). Masking takes patience and time to remove and must be done on a flat surface with decals held down in place to avoid developing any wrinkles or creases while removing masking. Recommend using 2 persons to perform this task, and take your time and be patient.

Additional Images:

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    Used In The Following Games:
    WILLIAMS: Getaway High Speed II

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