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Score Display Power Supply Rebuild Kit - Bally/Williams (1988-1990):

Price: $25.80 each

Status: In Stock
(9 Available)



Part #: KIT_WMS_HV2
Condition: New
Rebuild the score display high-voltage power supply circuitry in your Williams solid-state pinball game with this handy kit. Common failures of old components in this circuitry on the power supply board are typically to blame for blown fuses and wavy or dead displays in these classic games. And when one part fails, it typically takes several others with it, so most components usually have to be replaced when doing a repair. Why not swap them all out and have fresh, new, healthy parts in your game!

This 20-piece kit includes all of the hard-to-find resistors, diodes, zener diodes, capacitors, and unique high-voltage transistors to replace all original components in the high-voltage section on the game's original power supply board.

This kit is for boards with factory part # D-12246, used in the games listed below. Please verify your existing power supply before ordering this kit, as electronic parts are not returnable.

Directions are included. Requires moderate-to-expert skills with electronics and circuit board work, component handling, ability to ID components and correct pinout of components, circuit board soldering/desoldering, and necessary tools/equipment.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Bugs Bunny, Dr. Dude (System 11 CPU), Elvira and the Party Monsters, Game Show, Mousin Around, Pool Sharks, Radical!, Transporter

    WILLIAMS: Bad Cats, Black Knight 2000, Diner, Earthshaker!, Jokerz!, Police Force, Riverboat Gambler, Rollergames, Taxi, Whirlwind

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