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Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern) Rubber Ring Kit:

Price: $28.29 each

Status: In Stock
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Part #: KIT759
Condition: New
Rubber set for top side of playfield. Includes installation diagram and parts listing.

Kit includes:
  • 51 rubber pieces: All round rings, post bumpers, flipper rubbers, etc
  • Diagram showing locations of all parts
  • Full listing of parts and quantities used
  • Ring sizing chart for quick ring ID
  • Installation tips
Kit Colors:
Select above when ordering. Default colors are factory-original colors for this game (some colors may vary depending on availability).

Default colors for this kit: Rings: Black , Flippers: Black , Plunger Tip: Black

Want a color combination not listed above? Send us an e-mail. Most color substitutions are no extra charge.

Our kits include: (where applicable)
All regular round rings, post bumpers, sleeve bumpers, mini post rings, flipper rings, ball shooter tip, and top arch rebound bumper- basically the common rubber parts that the ball comes in contact with during play.

Our kits do not include:
Non-ball-contact parts such as rubber cap nuts that go on top of plastics, coil mechanism bumpers/stoppers/grommets, or under-playfield lamp socket rubbers (Stern games). Kits also do not include blue rubber pads at ends of ramps (some late-model games). These items are available separately.

If you have a question about anything that may or may not be included in a kit, just e-mail us.

NOTES FOR THIS KIT: Kit verified on actual game.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    STERN: Pirates of the Caribbean

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