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Heat Sink for TO-3 Regulator / Amplifier / Transistor:

Price: $3.49 each

Status: In Stock
 (10 Available)



Part #: HS-TO-3
Condition: New
Small heat sink that fits over TO-3 devices including regulators, amplifiers, transistors. Used on Stern S.A.M. system power/driver IO boards. Can also be used on other makes/models that use TO-3 type components. Uses existing component mounting screws/nuts to hold it in place. Great for adding extra cooling to components which extends lifespan. Use with heat sink thermal compound and existing nut/screw to mount (not included).

Measures approx. 39mm long, 28.5mm wide, 22mm high.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    STERN: 24, Avatar, Batman (Stern), Batman 66 (Stern), Batman 66 Limited Edition (Stern), Big Buck Hunter Pro, CSI, Family Guy, Indiana Jones (Stern), Iron Man, NBA, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rolling Stones (Stern), Shrek, Spider-Man (Stern), TRON: Legacy, Wheel of Fortune, World Poker Tour

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