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Golden Tee Fore! Complete (Incredible Technologies) Arcade Video Game:

Price: $2,395.00

Status: Special-order item. (Call or e-mail for ordering info.)
Part #: GAME_GTFC2
Condition: Used
Home-use-only model in like-new condition! Built in 2007, this game features all 29 golf courses with all the add-in course packs from 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. Narrated by sports commentators Pat Sommerall and Peter Jacobsen, this all-time popular arcade golf game features commercial-grade arcade quality construction and controls, and modern realistic graphics, physics, sounds effects, music, and speech, that will do nothing less than blow you away! Hundreds of speech clips/comments from Pat and Peter go along with your shots- listen to the crowd "ooh!", "aah!", and applaud as you play.

Play the front 9, back 9, or all 18 holes on any course. Professional versions of all courses, and additional "amateur" versions of some of the more-challenging courses. Play up to 4 players per round. Play a strokes or skins game. Put your initials on the leaderboard. Game keeps track of best scores and course records for all courses, including longest drive, longest putt, birdies, eagles, and greatest shots. View your shots from several angles and watch replays on-demand. Features realistic environmental effects like wind, fog, and light rain. Choose your own club or go with what the computer recommends. Make straight shots, hook shots, slices, and even put "backspin" on the ball! Be challenged by real sand traps, trees, rough, bushes, and water hazards. Best virtual golf experience and value in golf games for the money- you simply won't find anything better!

This lightly-used and well-cared-for model is home use only and comes from a smoke-free private home. Like-new condition. No screen burn-in- monitor still has like-new look and bright, crisp colors. Trackball recently overhauled and lubricated. Meticulously clean inside and out- still looks and plays like brand new! "Free play" model only- does not require coins for operation.

Game measurements: 27 wide x 67 high x 43 deep (inches). (36 inches deep with control panel removed).

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