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Flipper Assembly, Right - Late-Model Bally/Williams Games (Early Models):

Price: $41.27 each

Status: In Stock
 (8 Available)



INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Weight/Size: Shipping outside the U.S. on multiple heavy/large items may require additional shipping cost, due to weight/size (billed separately from your order). E-mail us with your shipping address, and desired quantity, if you need a shipping quote.
Part #: FLASSY1_R
Condition: New
Right flipper mechanical assembly as used on some late-model Bally/Williams games (see game listing below). This assembly is for early models that used the high-voltage end-of-stroke (EOS) switch.

Used on Williams games from approx. 1986-1991, and most Bally games from approx. 1988-1991. Can also be used to replace/upgrade original flipper assemblies in Williams games from 1980-1986. Can also be used on some other makes/models (newer and older) as an upgrade/retrofit.

Not sure if these will fit/work on your particular game? Just e-mail us.

Flipper bat/shaft and coil not included- order separately, depending on the color/type of flippers you prefer, and type of coil your game requires.


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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Bugs Bunny, Dr. Dude, Elvira and the Party Monsters, Game Show, Gilligan's Island, Harley Davidson, Mousin' Around, Party Zone, Pool Sharks, Radical!

    WILLIAMS: Bad Cats, Banzai Run, Big Guns, Black Knight 2000, Comet, Cyclone, Diner, Earthshaker, F-14 Tomcat, Fire!, Funhouse, Grand Lizard, High Speed, Hurricane, Jokerz!, Machine: Bride of PinBot, Millionaire, PinBot, Police Force, Riverboat Gambler, Road Kings, Rollergames, Sorcerer, Space Shuttle, Swords of Fury, Taxi, Terminator 2, Whirlwind

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