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Doctor Who (Bally) Cliffy Full Protector Set (7pcs):

Price: $106.50 set

Status: Call or e-mail  more info...
Condition: New
Full 7-piece set of stainless-steel Cliffy protectors for Bally Doctor Who pinball. Buy as a full set and save! Includes mini playfield edge protector (front edge), Time Expander entrance proector, top flap protector, ramp protector, mini playfield hole protectors (2), and shooter eject (ball release) protector.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Doctor Who

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    Doctor Who (Bally) Cliffy Mini Playfield Edge Protector
    Part # CLIFFY_DRWHO1
    $22.50 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) Cliffy Time Expander Entrance Protector
    Part # CLIFFY_DRWHO2
    $25.50 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) Cliffy Top Flap Protector
    Part # CLIFFY_DRWHO3
    $14.50 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) Cliffy Ramp Protector
    Part # CLIFFY_DRWHO4
    $19.50 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) Cliffy Hole Protectors (2)
    Part # CLIFFY_DRWHO5
    $27.50 set

    Doctor Who (Bally) Cliffy Shooter Eject Protector
    Part # CLIFFY_DRWHO6
    $12.50 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) Promotional Plastic
    Part # PDG234
    $3.00 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) Cabinet Tech. Chart, Hard-Laminated
    Part # TC_DW
    $12.50 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) 5-Bank Opto Receiver PC Board
    Part # A-15431
    $27.50 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) 5-Bank Opto Emitter PC Board
    Part # A-15432
    $28.50 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) ROM Chips
    Part # ROMS084
    $12.00 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) Game Manual (ORIGINAL)
    Part # PM0507
    $25.00 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) WPC Schematic Manual (ORIGINAL)
    Part # PM0508
    $20.00 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) Rubber Ring Kit
    Part # KIT011
    $22.21 each

    Doctor Who (Bally) Ball Popper Armature Assy.
    Part # A-15580
    $29.95 each

    Flipper Rebuild Kit, Two Flippers - Bally/Williams Games 1992-1999
    Part # FLKIT2
    $39.36 each

    Fuse Kit - Bally / Williams WPC-89 Games (1990-1995)
    Part # FKWPC
    $8.99 each

    Circuit Breaker Testing Set (6pcs)
    Part # CBSET
    $24.99 set

    Soldering Kit (4 pcs)
    Part # SI-30-KIT
    $19.97 set

    Wire Nut, Small - 16-20ga
    Part # WIRENUT1
    $0.25 each