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Star Rollover Button & Red Housing Assembly:

Price: $4.50 each

Status: In Stock
(10 Available)



Part #: C-900901
Condition: New
Round star rollover button & housing- white plastic star with transparent red housing. As used on many Bally, Williams, and other makes/models in late 1970s & 1980s. Commonly broken or missing on many older used games. Housing measures 1-3/16 inches diameter (30mm). Exact replacement for Bally # C-900 (star) and C-901 (housing). Also replaces Williams # 03-7537 (star) and 03-7538-9 (housing). Can be used to replace other makes/models as well.

Replacement Tip: Use an appropriately-sized round socket wrench socket to tap out the old housing from under the playfield. Clean out any debris from the old mounting area, and install new housing with some rubber cement to hold it in place.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Beat the Clock (Bally), Boomerang, Flash Gordon, Flicker (Bally) (1975), Strikes and Spares

    GOTTLIEB: Buck Rogers, Charlie's Angels (electro-mechanical), Charlie's Angels (electronic), Cleopatra (electro-mechanical), Cleopatra (electronic), Count-Down, Dragon (Gottlieb) (electro-mechanical), Dragon (Gottlieb) (electronic), Genie, Incredible Hulk, Lights Camera Action!, Roller Disco, Solar Ride (electro-mechanical), Solar Ride (electronic), Totem

    WILLIAMS: Firepower, Flash, Pokerino

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